2012 Mayan Doomsday Countdown: What to Do Before The World Ends on December 21

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Today is December 6. Only 15 more days to go and the much hyped December 21 end of the world prediction on the Mayan Calendar of an apocalypse will occur. Are we ready for it?

Scientists from NASA have dismissed it as just plain misinterpretation of the Mayan calendar. But doomsayers still persist the world will indeed come to its end on that fateful Friday before Christmas Day.

Whether true or not, IBT Australia made a random poll asking people what would be their top 10 things to do before the sky turns dark and the earth opens up and gobbles all the peoples of the world.

Their replies ran from the mundane to the very serious:

1. Set out for a daring physical adventure. It is time to gather up all your courage, guts and resources to go for an adventure either by visiting a tourist landmark like the Eiffel Tower, the Machu Pichu or set out for a daring skydive 30,000 feet from a moving plane.

"I'll go skydiving! Although I don't know how to get the funds, but I sure wana do this before the world ends. I imagine the rush upon jumping from a plane, better than being gobbled up by the Earth," Norman, an artist, said.

"I'll start going to the places that I've only seen on magazines so far. I'll go see the Eifel Tower. It sure looks romantic and majestic on pictures. Wonder if it really is up close," call center agent Lina said.

2. Splurge. Gorge. Get Laid. Some of the respondents are bent on satisfying some physical cravings like splurging on luxury items, eating the food that could make their blood sugar levels skyrocket and even getting a needed salon makeover before the end of the world are not bad at all. Two guys both middle-aged and in their late 50s even want to have that last, mind-blowing sex before he says goodbye.

 "I will splurge on all the material stuff I can get my hands on. I'll swipe my credit card like crazy. I don't have to worry anyway about bills and due dates since there will be no tomorrow to think of anymore," Cleo, a mom of two, said. "Finally, I get to own that luxury bag I've been lusting for so many years!"

 "I'll go to the spa and pamper myself," Kristina, a freelance writer, said. "If there's one thing I want to envision, is that I'm beautiful when I die!"

"I'm diabetic, but if that end of the world is really true, I'll go on food bingeing!" recently separated Rufus said. "At least I won't get hungry over where I'm going because I'm already damn bloated!"

 "I'll go to the grocery now and hoard all the supplies I can get my hands on. And my family and I will gorge on those. We won't give the neighbors!" Ronald, an entrepreneur, said.

 "I'll launch a search for that guy I almost married five years ago. The wedding didn't push through because I got afraid. He's happily married now. I'll come to him and invite him for a one-night stand. We'll have awesome sex. And then part ways the following day. I want just that memory to be with me when the world ends," Holland, a stockbroker, said.

 "I'll go stalking after that movie and TV starlet. She turns me on every time I see her. I'll steal a kiss!" basketball fanatic Greg said.

3. "Eat, Pray and Love." Author Liz Gilbert has proven that prayers have transcended nationalities and even age. Gorging on food alone may not suffice at a time when all seems to fail, praying for those we cared about and  even failed to love is one of the priorities.

Most respondents agree, from  an atheist to the extremely religious,that saying a prayer before this very day. Willing to call and summon that divine energy or being to keep him  safe and his family safer for the last time.

"Pray that I get to heaven... nothing else matters," civil engineer Jocelyn said. "And one more thing, I hope everyone I love get there, too. The fare back could be extremely expensive! Hah!"

You, what would you do before the world ends?

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