2012 Mayan Doomsday Countdown: End of Mayan Calendar Meant New Beginnings, Not the Opposite

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It's like looking a lot at some tug-o-war. While many still pick on the supposed end of the world on December 21, 2012, still others take round the clock efforts to debunk the Mayan doomsday myth. While the Mayan calendar indeed ends of that date, it actually heralds the start of new beginnings for Earth and its people.

"People have drawn a doomsday conclusion from the Mayan calendar, when there isn't one," Louix Dor Dempriey, a spiritual master who started the Louix Dor Dempriey Foundation, said in a statement. "The world is not going to come to an end on December 21st, and that's not what the Mayan calendar predicted to begin with."

"Every so often, someone calls for a doomsday or some other major event that they state is going to happen," Dor Dempriey added. "But when you stop to really look at what the Mayan elders, themselves, are saying, and consider all the evidence, this is one that does not pan out... Anyone remember Y2K?"

Among the evidence that the spiritual master pointed out to debunk the end of the world myth included:

1.       The approaching date of December 21, 2012 marks the beginning of a new "era" for humanity, not the end of humanity.

2.       Many religions, prophets, and mystics have pinpointed this "turning point" on planet Earth. They have been letting people know that it will be a turning point for humanity, rather than a doomsday.

3.       The Mayans never said the world was going to end. It was a conclusion that others drew, based on looking at their calendar system, which was created some 2,300 years ago.

4.       There are no ostensible, physical signs to indicate the planet is ending. If there were, the Earth's many scientists would have discovered them and their findings would be making news headlines everywhere.

5.       What would be the point of all life ending, especially on December 21st? It would serve no purpose.

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