2012 Mayan Calendar: End-of-the-World Parties Across the Continents

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Cash registers will be ringing ka-ching, ka-ching from Friday as different parties will be held all over the world to celebrate - not the Mayan New Year - but the failure of the Mayan Long Count Calendar prediction that the world would end on Dec 21, 2012.

The parties will surely be Mayan themed and will be held across the globe, starting from ancient Mayan sites to ritzy hotels, boosting the revenues of dining and tourism-related establishments.

Central America

TEOTWAWKI or The End of the World As We Know It celebrations are expected to boost tourism for Central American countries and other nations which Mayan descendants or influence such as in Mexico, Belize, Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador.

Of particular interest would be the ruins of ancient Mayan communities to quench the global thirst for more information about the Mayan culture, sparked no doubt by the doomsday prediction.

News 24 reports that an anti-Armageddon ceremony will be held at the Island of the Sun in the midst of Lake Titicaca in Bolivia. The site, according to legend, is where founders of the Inca empire were born.


In Rtanj mountain, Serbia, the pyramid-shaped mountain attracts people who will seek refuge as well as the curious who want to document if the mountain will glow on Friday night, which coincides with the solstice.

A combination of folk Christianity and cultic-like belief drew visitors to Sirince in Turkey, filling up the rooms in all its 400 hotels. The attraction of the place is because of its reputation as being doomsday-proof of accounts that the Virgin Mary ascended to heaven from that village.


While mainland China residents are hoarding candles and basic commodities, their counterparts in Hong Kong have reserved tables in Aqua restaurant which is offering a six-course meal with an appropriate price tag of HK$2,112.12.


In Australia, the Shelbourne Hotel in Sydney is offering a party where guests can sway and dance to the beat of a bass drum. In Canberra, Mayan music and yoga are the main attractions of a Mayan solstice festival.

North America

Not to be outdone when it comes to parties, New York City dining establishments such as Beaumarchais, Hudson Terrace and The Bowery Hotel.

Beaumarchais, located on 409 West 13th St., will feature the music of resident DK Jacques Dumas and has a bonus for 12-21-12 survivors - a survival brunch on Saturday with food, drinks and more music.

Hudson Terrace on 621 West 46 St. is hosting a Beats & Booze party, with tickets costing $30. Music will be spun by DJ Lulo & Bones.

The Bowery Hotel will not charge guests, but they need to pre-register to watch the performances of comedian Seth Herzon, singer Rhett Miller and Mario the Magician. Besides the food and booze, the hotel showcases apocalypse-inspired painting and sculptures.

In New Orleans, the biggest celebration will be the Cosmic Convergence Festival at Sugar Mill. Featured artists are Clockwork Elvis, Ratty Scurvies, The Local Skank, James Singleton's Blueberry, Happy Talk and others.

In LA, apocalypse-themed parties are aptly named Bad Judgment at Rock & Reilly's, Sinful Fridays at The Abbey and Apocalypto at The Egyptian Theatre,

The list goes on and on and on. While some people tremor in fear over the Armageddon-like scenario painted by doomsday seers, most people would use Friday as a pre-Christmas and New Year celebration to cap 2012 and welcome 2013.

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