2012 Mayan Calendar Doomsday Countdown: Mass Spiritual Suicide Threat Forces Argentina to Close Down Uritorco Hill

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A Facebook event evidently created by a restless and disconcerted individual urging for mass spiritual suicide on December 21, 2012 has forced the state government of Cordoba, Argentina to close to the public the Uritorco Hill, a mountain allegedly possessing mystical and energetic qualities as well as paranormal phenomena.

Created by an anonymous person only named 'Ente EBR,' the event invited people from around the world for a mass spiritual suicide at the privately-owned Uritorco Hill.

"To all believers, beings and warriors of the light, I invite you to a spiritual suicide en masse in Uritorco, Cordoba, Argentina," the event, which was carried by news portal www.clarin.com, read. "We will abandon our unclean flesh and transport our spirit through the inter dimensional portal at 21 hours, 12 minutes on 21/12/2012 and from this will be created an army of light that will save humanity . . . in this change of era."

The Facebook event, named "Suicide 21/12/2012 massive magical," generated 150 virtual RSVPs from people, which eventually forced the owners of Uritorco Hill, the Anchorena family, to shut down the site and ban access to the mountain on December 21. 

The Capilla del Monte police department was immediately notified of the impending mass spiritual suicide threat invitation.

"The truth is that we have been working on the issue ever since we first learned about," Rafael García Pérez, head of Uritorco Hill, told www.clarin.com. "We are concerned that while it may be a joke, you never know what could happen."

The Anchorena family had announced there is a "95 per cent chance" the hill and all access roads leading to it will remain closed as early as on December 20 all the way up to December 22, 2012, www.clarin.com reported. Only the bar restaurant at the foot of the mountain will open.

"We do not want to be too careless or contribute to any action that may collaborate with such ideas, however crazy they said," Mr Pérez said. "The priority is always to safeguard every visitor."

Cordoba, where Uritorco Hill is located, has only 16,000 residents. The state government had already expressed concerns how to manage a projected tourist influx of 150,000 given the state's small size.

Uritorco Hill's peak is 2,000 metres or 6,600 feet high. It is situated in an area thriving with tourists that is 750 kilometres or 470 miles north of Buenos Aires. It first got into the limelight when in January 1986, an alleged flash of light left a 120 X 70 metre mark on one side, prompting observers to believe the hill had seen UFO sightings. 

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