200 Demons Possess Latoya Ammons' Family Witnessed by Police Officer and Medical Staff

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Demonic possession terrified a police chief and medical staff after witnessing walked backwards up to a wall and ceiling of Latoya Ammons' 9-year-old son. Clairvoyants warned that their home is haunted by more than 200 demons that possessed her children.

Hauntings of 200 Demons

Latoya Ammons moved to a rental house on Carolina Street in Gary back in November 2011 with her three children and her mother, Rosa Campbell. Soon after, odd incidents such as flies swarming the house throughout December and mysterious footsteps in the basement started happening.

In March 10, 2012, the Ammons family felt the terror when Ammons went to check up on her then 12-year-old daughter. Some friends visited late that night. Ammons' screamed in horror, which made Campbell ran to the room, seeing the girl levitating above the bed, unconscious.

Ammons family made contact with churches and clairvoyants and was advised to wash the children with oil, make an altar, place it in the basement, and burn sage and sulphur throughout the entire house. However, the haunting didn't stop despite their efforts.

Clairvoyants revealed that the house they've rented is haunted by more than 200 demons that later possessed her children. Signs of possession begun to show such as bulged eyes and evil smiles worn over their faces.

Latoya Ammons herself felt the takeover, as she begins to feel weak and warm and her body would shake.

Dr Geoffrey Onyeukwu went to meet Ammons and her children together with his medical staff and child services personnel. DCS reported that the youngest child was "lifted and thrown into the wall with no one touching him." Prior to that a Ammons' sons cursed the physician in demonic voices.

DCS also included in their report that the boy began growling, his eyes rolled back to his head, and he wore a weird grin.

Divine Intervention

Ammons family, DCS and even psychologists reached the convincing point of demonic possession based on the boy's unusual behaviour. Even the police chief experienced a terrifying encounter when the driver's seat of his car moved backward and forward on its own after visiting Ammons' house .

Reverend Michael Maginot performed exorcisms to the family and the house after being authorised by Bishop Dale Melczeck of the Diocese of Gary. Reverend Maginot performed a minor exorcism and then three more powerful ones on Ammons in his church in Merrillville in June 2012.

After all the horrors, Ammons moved to Indianapolis and said that all problems have subsided. She also regained custody of her children after 6 months.

Today, the Ammons former house has new tenants, but according to the landlord, no further issues or anything similar have happened at this time.

"When you hear something like this, don't assume it's not real because I've lived it. I know it's real," Ammons warned of such bizarre experience, according to Indianapolis Star.

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