20% of Aussie Women Want Designer Vagina Surgery, Says New Study

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Lab-Grown Vaginal Organ Successfully Implanted on Four Women (Reuters)
Lab-Grown Vaginal Organ Successfully Implanted on Four Women (Reuters) Reuters

One in five Australian women or about 20 per cent want designer vagina surgery, according to a new study by researchers at Flinders University in South Australia and scheduled to be presented at a conference in Bristol, England, on Wednesday.

Those who are considering undergoing labiaplasty are women who have more exposure to images of female genitalia. The procedure reduces the size of the labia so it would not protrude.

Thirteen per cent of the women who want the procedure want to do it because of negative comments they got from their sex mates on the appearance of their vagina. Nineteen per cent had discussed the appearance of their genitalia with other women.

The exposure of the women came from TV, Internet, advertising and pornography.

"We think that if women and their partners were made aware of the large variation in normal genital appearance this might help to alleviate some of their concerns about their own genitals," AAP quoted Gemma Sharp, who conducted the study which had 351 female respondents aged 18 to 69.

She added the study is the first to systematically examine the role of media, sex partners and friend on a woman considering undergoing the medical procedure.

Dr David Veale, a consultant psychiatrist at the south London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust and The Priory Hospital North London, pointed out that it is possible the women who are considering labiaplasty and their partners are unaware that some of the female porn stars who expose their genitals in front of the camera may already have undergone the procedure that's why their vaginas look different.

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