2 Signs Nexus 6 Release Date Remains Likely: Nexus 5 Price Cut & KitKat 4.4.3 Update Hiccups

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Nexus 6
Concept video of Nexus 6, uploaded on YouTube by CTNtechnologynews. Screenshot from YouTube Video

The Google Nexus 6 release date is up in the air and it has been the case since reports about the Android Silver Project started swirling but recent developments seem to suggest the Nexus 5 could still come out this 2014.

The narrative that followed the Android Silver speculations points to the likely Nexus 6 cancellation as reports indicate that Google is retiring the Nexus product line, with the HTC-built Nexus 8 serving as the brand's final hurrah.

However, the story was afforded a twist last week when the official Android Twitter inadvertently posted what looked like as a Nexus 6 gadget concept. Immediately, the slip generated cyber chatters that rekindled hopes for the handset to materialise.

Then two more interesting signs surfaced this week, again fanning the fiery discussion that Google would pull off a surprise and land the Nexus 6 anytime in the next months or even weeks.

Android 4.4.3 Problems

At the start of June, Google issued KitKat 4.4.3 to Nexus 4, 5 and Nexus 7, 10 with the purpose of delivering minor cosmetic bump ups, eliminating the bugs and improving the devices' stability. But this was not the case as Android forums were flooded by complaints that summed up into one thing - instead of fixing the mix of 4.4.2 issues, they were replaced by new troubles.

For some Nexus fans, the situation actually deteriorated and the only solution on the horizon seems the deployment of another patch. But that would be unlikely at this stage since Android 4.5 is just around the corner, according to Android experts.

The logical move for Google now is to take close note of the glitches and include the corrections with the 4.5 pack. Or better yet, the tech giant should read the situation as the fitting occasion to finally unmask the Nexus 6 with the stability-packed and error-free Android 4.5.

Nexus 5 deals

And there is one more solid reason to believe that the Nexus 6 remains in Google's release pipeline. According to Android Central, the Nexus 5 in all colour variants is again the subject of a significant price cut by a major UK gadget retailer.

Carphone Warehouse now offers the 2013 Nexus smartphone for only £250 and the deal, for many Android observers, strongly suggests of attempts to clear inventories. And as old stocks are being pushed, there got to be something fresh that will come.

Analysts maintain that discounts and promotional campaigns almost always indicate of impending product debuts, which has been the case with both Apple and Google in the past few years prior to the arrival of new iPhone and Nexus models.

Should the above guesswork lead to the positive, one good bet for a Google Nexus 6 release date is it will be in the weeks or months following the I/O Dev Conference on June 24 and 25 - that would be between July and August 2014.

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