2 Signs Google Nexus 8 Release Date Nears: Nexus 7 Now $190 on eBay & Leaked Tablet Pics

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The Google Nexus 8 release date this 2014 could happen in a matter of few weeks or shortly after the I/O Developers Conference, thanks to two fresh solid indicators pointing to the vanilla Android tab's looming debut.

Leaked images

First to signal the Nexus tablet refresh are the bunch of pics that G4Games sourced from MyDrivers.com, which operates from China. The images offer the first concrete impression of what and how the Nexus 8 would be.

The device exterior is very much like Nexus - sporting a black case though CNET noted in a separate report that the actual build was hidden from full view, no thanks to the deliberate use of a jacket case.

But while the next Nexus tab design language remains wrapped in mystery for now, MyDrivers.com was generous enough to share key details - it will be a kit that will draw its power from a 64-bit processing chip, which is a toss between Intel Moorefield or one of the Snapdragon CPUs that Qualcomm will out this 2014.

The RAM provision is also impressive, apparently starting at 3GB and Android watchers are hoping that the number will upgraded once the Nexus 8 hits the market. Theoretically, 64-bit mobile computing is able to accommodate higher RAM configuration starting at 4GB so the expectations make sense.

Then the most obvious upgrade as noted by G4Games. As Nexus devices are natively designed to run the latest Android build, the Nexus 8 on release date will likely show off Android 4.5, which according to numerous reports will bump off the KitKat 4.4.3 that is currently rolling out.

The consensus is, Google will uncloak Android 4.5 via the 2014 I/O affair so the platform coming out of the box with the Nexus 7 replacement seems fit with the natural expectation.

Nexus 7 eBay deal

And speaking of the Nexus 7, the device is again the subject of compelling price cuts, courtesy of eBay, that bring down its sticker price to only $190. The deal dangles the usual Nexus 7 package of killer specs and features, including a 30-day money back guarantee that is excusive for buyers located in the United States.

But what is truly notable about this promotional campaign concerning the Asus-built Nexus 7 is the suggestion that Google and its retail and distributing partners are ramping up efforts to clear the existing Nexus tab inventory and push out as many units as possible.

To the keen observer, such move normally translates to incoming refresh - the old ones, the Nexus 7 in this case, to make way for the arrival of the fresh model, which is the Nexus 8.

On its rumoured July-August release date this 2014, the Nexus 8 is prominently reported to boast of an 8.9-inch display panel in Quad HD technology as among the tablet's killer features to tussle with the this year's iPad Air and iPad Mini versions.

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