2 Signs Galaxy Note 4 Release Date Nears: Note 3 Price Cut & Note 4 Concepts Galore

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Samsung Galaxy Note 4 concept image
Samsung Galaxy Note 4 concept image Jermaine Smit via ConceptiPhon

Galaxy Note 4 release date this 2014 may be months away but signs are in steady supply that Samsung could conveniently opt to advance its Unpacked Episode 2 plans for the fourth edition of the original phablet.

One likely indicator that the Note 4 unveiling this year could be earlier than expected came directly from South Korea, where Samsung is based. Apparently, the Galaxy maker plans to chop off the Galaxy Note 3 sticker price, SamMobile reported this week.

The soon-to-exit 2013 Samsung phablet flagship currently sells for $1049 (in U.S. currency), which is the equivalent of more than one million Won for South Korean buyers. If the report would prove correct, Note 3 fans from the Samsung home-turf would get to toy around with the device for only $933.

The price cut back, according to Phone Arena, is about 11 per cent, significant enough for a very pricey Android hero phone.

But really what is notable about the unusual downward price movement is the signal it sends out, which can be read this way: Samsung wants to quickly move out its current Note 3 stocks presumably to make room for a fresher model that will touchdown soon.

And the most efficient way of realising such goal is to make the Note 3 simply irresistible, analysts would say. So it is more likely that the device with a lower price but with high-end specs and features will fly off the shelves at a faster pace.

This creates the likelihood that the Galaxy Note 4 release date is earlier than thought about but as far as Samsung is concerned, nothing is actually written in stone on the matter.

However, more pieces of the puzzle seem to suggest that new phablet will arrive real soon, the latest of which are two new Note 4 renders shared by Concept Phones recently.

The first one is a creation by gadget concept designer Tim Hausladen with the images viewable here and a short clip accessible here. Hausladen envisioned en elegant-looking Note 4 with metal framing and killer features that is headlined by a 5.8-inch screen and a 21MP rear cam shooter.

The build is thin and light with an all-screen Quad HD display dominating the front panel. Also, the concept in subject sheens in beautiful black finish.

Then there is this proposed Note 4 design from Ivo Maric, said Concept Phones in a separate report. The render is familiarly of the Note series and is obviously inspired by the Galaxy S5 and the rumoured Galaxy F/S5 Prime.

The device (images of which are viewable here) is tall and wide but curved and slimmed down and wrapped in luxurious metallic frame with the textured back cover that is now identified with the GS5. And like the latter, Maric authored a Note kit that is water resistant.

The specs mentioned are close to what are attributed to the real Galaxy Note 4 so far - bannered by a 5.7-inch screen with Quad HD display panel in Super AMOLED rendition.

Take note that the real thing, the Galaxy Note 4, on its rumoured release date via the Berlin IFA trade show on September 2014, is said to showcase a 64-bit Snapdragon 805 chip (or Exynos is select markets), 16MP OIS camera, Category 6 LTE chip and Android 4.5.

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