2 Reasons to Buy Samsung Galaxy S5 on Release Date: Superior Display & Extended Battery Life

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Samsung Galaxy S5
Samsung Galaxy S5 REUTERS/Albert Gea

Prior to its April 11 release date, Sammy fans, and perhaps even iPhone lovers, have been given fresh compelling reasons to scoop up the Samsung Galaxy S5.

Taking home the GS5 means experiencing the best device display rendering out there, according to a series of tests conducted by mobile screen panel specialist DisplayMate. "The Galaxy S5 has the most colour accurate display we have ever measured for a smartphone or tablet," BGR quoted the DisplayMate report as saying.

What is a remarkable about the new finding, BGR added, is the same display expert group was formerly critical of the display technology that Samsung uses for its high-end line of Galaxy smartphones and tablet computers.

In the past, DisplayMate had dissed the in-house AMOLED display of Samsung for its below-par colour accuracy. LCD technology easily beats the Galaxy devices that rely on dark-oriented OLED panel.

It appears, however, that Samsung implemented really major tweaks on the AMOLED-toting Galaxy S5. In upgrading the GS5 screen prowess, the South Korean tech giant focused on enhancements that involve better brightness and accurate colours.

While the Galaxy S5 mirrored the 1080p display resolution that is found in the Galaxy S4, the less screen pixels endowment was well compensated by the GS5's Super AMOLED overall improvements.

And apparently DisplayMate came out very much impressed as CNET noted on its report that the group dubbed the GS5 as "the best performing smartphone display that we have ever tested.

Among the display upgrades that would-be GS5 buyers can expect are "lowest reflectance, infinite contrast ratio, highest contrast rating in ambient light and smallest brightness variation with viewing angle," said the CNET report.

Furthermore, this impressive GS5 display enjoys the assurance of serving users for extended hours as SamMobile reported that the handset will hum away non-stop for as long as eight hours of extensive use with the screen brightness set to the maximum.

Citing the experiments carried out by South Korean tech blog site Playwares, SamMobile claimed that the Galaxy S5 outlast the iPhone 5S by 20 minutes. When the two devices' brightness level is toned down a bit, the GS5 still emerged as the winner, ahead of the 5S by full hour.

"Gaming and talk time tests also saw the latest Samsung flagship do incredibly well, with only tablets and phablets with considerably bigger batteries managing to score higher points in endurance," added the same report.

It is worth noting that the Galaxy S5 squeezes its power juice needs from a 2800mAh battery, which is not really a huge leap from the GS4's 2600mAh energy source.

With the Ultra Power Saving Power mode in use, which kicks in a certain low power level per Samsung, it is expected that the Galaxy S5 will deliver more hours of productive smartphone use.

These two incredible features will be showcased as the Galaxy S5 release date starts rolling on April 11, which would be in simultaneous mode for most markets, Australia including, around the world.

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