2 Parodies and 10 Justin Bieber Weed Memes; 6 Effects of Marijuana Use

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Justin Bieber bashing Manny Pacquiao loss memes and tweets are now passé. With photos of the Canadian pop star circulating showing the YouTube sensation apparently smoking marijuana, new weed-themed memes and parodies have started to appear on social networking sites.

The photos caused a stir because of Bieber's relatively clean image prior to the picture and some young people considering him a role model.

However, his admission obviously damaged his image.

In an era of mobile phones being used as spy camera, Bieber apparently forget he's a favourite paparazzi target.

However, for cool people who smoke weed, marijuana being associated with Bieber was unacceptable.

Reports said that because of the scandal caused by the photo, fans of Bieber - also known as Beliebers, were encouraged by Web site 4chan to tweet their pictures showing them cutting themselves to indicate that they were upset by the pictures. 4chan asked the fans to use the hashtag CutForBieber.

This fan went further and posted his sentiments on YouTube.

Meme makers rode on that hashtag.

This meme believes that weed-smoking photo makes it legal to light up marijuana while Bieber sings Baby.

Parody makers are a little bit slower, with only two good ones posted on YouTube.

While the memes and parodies may appear that smoking weed is light matter, the U.S. National Institute on Drug Abuse warned of at least six effects of marijuana use. These are:

1.     Mood varies, ranging from euphoria to calmness or anxiety. Most weed users seek those effects in getting stoned.

2.     Distorted sense of time

3.     Paranoia

4.     Magical or random thinking

5.     Short-term memory loss

6.     Anxiety and depression.

While the psychological signs of using marijuana usually ease after a few hours, its residual effect could last for days. For heavy users, there is the added risk of lung cancer.

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