2 Likely Fresh Killer Features Tipped for 5.5-Inch iPhone 6 Release Date as Analyst Sees Upbeat Prospect for Premium-Priced iOS Phablet

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iPhone 6
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Prior to its rumoured release date in Q4 2014, Apple appears to further boost the capabilities of the 5.5-inch iPhone 6, thanks to the tech giant's impending acquisitions and newly-unearthed patent filings.

And even before the first iOS phablet sees the light of the day, investment firm Cannacord Genuity has adopted a positive outlook on the revenue-generating capacity of the jumbo-size iPhone, boldly forecasting that Apple will "generate solid incremental gross margin dollars from this device."

The iPhone 6 phablet, according to Cannacord's Michael Walkley, will come with a premium price tag but its debut will still be greeted by 'strong adoption' rate. "We believe Apple could charge a premium for a potential phablet-type iPhone 6 SKU," Walkley told Apple Insider.

So what exactly will be so seductive about the pricey and oversized iPhone 6? The following sentences should provide some clues:

The iPhone as a music gadget is poised to get better

Apple is already successful in its music entertainment efforts mainly due to iTunes but latest reports suggest that the company is not stopping in reinventing the ways mobile device users could enjoy audio on the go.

Likely to soon join the tech giant's already luscious sound entrée is Beats Electronics that is best known for the top-notch Dr Dre audio accessories. According to Financial Times, Apple is cooking up a deal that would bring Beats Electronics under its wings with Tim Cook directly supervising the new company division.

This latest effort to deliver more high-end music services to iPhone 6 buyers will reportedly cost Apple some $3.2 billion but the report from Financial Times has indicated too that while a definite agreement could be sealed at as early as next week, nothing is written in stone for now.

8MP rear cam with super-resolution mode

Multiple reports have been insisting that even in the major redesigned iPhone 6, Apple will still refuse to join the camera megapixel bandwagon and remain at the relatively tempered 8MP sensor for the 2014 models.

But it doesn't mean that shooting improvements will skip the next iPhone, according to BGR. The upcoming kit will likely boast of an image and clip capturer with "super-resolution based on optical image stabilisation."

With the supposed killer camera feature, "iPhone users will be able to choose between taking regular pictures or select a Super Resolution Mode menu that would allow them to capture photos that exceed the camera's megapixels," said BGR on its report.

The tech site sourced its information from the patent document that a separate Apple Insider report has published.

The iPhone 6 is touted to come out of the box in two different screen profiles and in separate release dates this 2014 - the 4.7-inch version is reportedly slated for September while the upsized build at 5.5-inch is positioned for market debut in December.

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