2 Killer Nexus 6 Features on Release Date? IR-Aided Face Identifier & Backside Keyboard

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Google is planning to stuff the Nexus 6 with as many killer features as possible on its rumoured release date this 2014, two of which are seemingly revealed in recently published patents.

One of the possible Nexus features is the use of facial recognition to unlock a device, which actually is an enhancement of a system that was integrated with the Android Ice Cream Sandwich, Patent Bolt said in a report.

But the unlocker was pulled out by Google from the succeeding Android builds as an easy hack was used to trick the face identifier into opening its doors. By simply putting up a still photo of the device owner, the system's security protocol was easily breached.

Google engineers reworked the system coding and reintroduce the technology, this time using infra-red to determine if the image focused into by a device's front camera sensor is actually a live person.

In basic implement, the unlocker functions in this manner: "Two images are taken. The first image is a standard image taken in the visible light range. The second image is an IR image. The two images are either taken with the same camera using different filters or by using two different cameras," said the Patent Bolt report.

For the two-combo images to pass scrutiny, the first is subjected to light sensitivity using the current ambiance while the other is treated with IR radiation rays.

Facial authentication is provided following real-time analysis that uses pre-input factors such as general human face characteristics and feature. Algorithms will also play a crucial a role in supporting the accuracy of the security system.

Then from a separate Patent Bolt report, it was suggested too that Google mulls the use of backside keyboard on its upcoming hardware or Nexus devices.

This technology is both applicable to smartphone and tablet. "If the usage mode is a one-handed usage mode for a smartphone, a unitary graphical keyboard is displayed. If the usage mode is a two-handed usage mode for a tablet, a split graphical keyboard is displayed," the Google patent document was quoted by Patent Bolt as saying.

In the embodiment envisioned by Google, sensors are installed on the back of device, acting as extensions to manipulate the same device's virtual keyboard interface on the front touchscreen that automatically pulls up when needed and vanishes when not in use.

The most practical use of rear-located controllers is to give users unimpeded view of the device screen while inputting data or navigating through the front panel.

It's interesting to note that a similar function was introduced by Nexus 5-builder LG with its 2013 flagship- the LG G2 that features a volume rocker/screen slider right under the rear camera lens.

The Google Nexus 6 release is reportedly set between July and September 2014 though there is no assurance that these new advanced features will make the final cut.

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