2 Killer Features Likely Confirmed for Galaxy Note 4 Release Date: Lower Price Tag & Eye Scanner

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 Samsung Electronics
A man walks out of Samsung Electronics' headquarters in Seoul January 6, 2014. Reuters

The Galaxy Note 4 on release date is packed with "cutting-edge technology," according to Samsung plus the likelihood that the fourth-gen flagship phablet will have a sticker price that is lower from that of the Galaxy Note 3.

As Samsung starts to grapple with the creeping reality of sales slowdown, the Galaxy device maker will have to make an immediate pivot. One solid approach is keeping then beefing up its existing business model.

Faced with the prospect of a grand showdown with the iPhone 6, which excites market watchers and consumers alike, Samsung appears unperturbed, The New York Times reported this week.

The South Korean tech giant will continue on with its tactic of releasing Galaxy smartphones and tablets in different makes and price ranges with the hopes of protecting its market lead and profit margin, the report added.

And in order to do that, Samsung will pack the Note 4 with the following killer features:

Eye scanner

Samsung has hinted that there will be two Galaxy Note 4 variants and one will be powered by an Exynos processing chip. In a tweet this week, the company teased one of the embedded features that are stuffed with its in-house CPU - the next Note phablet will have an eye reader.

If true, the purpose of the new feature is clear - Samsung wants to lure in more buyers by convincing them the Note 4 is all about security that rivals will not be able to offer. Tons of rumours have been swirling about the iPhone 6, which will have a phablet version, but none suggests of the same Note capability.

"Security can be improved using features unique to us," Samsung bragged on its official Twitter account.

Solid price tag

No official word from Samsung on this matter but analysts are convinced, according to the same New York Times report, that the company would seriously weigh in on the possibility of cutting down the starting Note 4 price.

The goal is to turn back the rising threats from Samsung's Chinese competitors, which have been undercutting the Galaxy devices with Android knock-offs that are either equally capable or even better in some cases.

With the smartphone market saturation and the prospect of a fierce battle with Apple's iPhone 6, Samsung could be forced to offer attractive pricing for its high-end smartphone if only to remain competitive.

Obviously, one device that will first showcase this adjustment, if and when adopted by Samsung, is the Galaxy Note 4, the release date of which is said to coincide with the 2014 Berlin IFA trade show in September.

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