2 Galaxy Note Units in $15 Million Super Bowl Commercial

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A two-minute commercial of Super Bowl by Samsung sets to air during the fourth quarter of Sunday's big game. It is a humorous production from Seth Rogen and Paul Rudd who were both seen in the teaser days ago.

The Next Big Thing advertisement was directed by Jon Favreau, according to Samsung. Favreau was a director of Swinger and producer for the Iron Man franchise. According to The Wall Street Journal, a single 30-second Super Bowl spot sells for $3.8 million and which increased from the 2012 rate of $3.5 million. The Samsung commercial is worth $15.2 million, estimated CBS Corp's CBS network.

Two devices from Samsung has made cameo appearance, the Galaxy Note II and the Galaxy Note 10.1

The Super Bowl is a popular sport and commercial event with history-in-the- making and worst moments as well. Here are some of them.

1.     Garo Yepremian "Pass"

It was the Washington Redskins versus the 72'Dolphins. The fish found themselves up by 14 points with just two minutes left in the game. Shula opted to kick a field goal and ice the game and was eager to get back to the beach. The most ridiculous event happened was Yepremian's kick was blocked, the ball deflected backward and it leads to the hands of Garo.

2.     Leon Lett Goal Line Fumble

Leon Lett was a defensive force during the Cowboys in the 1990s and captured three Super Bowl titles. Late in the fourth quarter of one of his game with the Boys holding a commanding 52-17 lead, Lett recovered a fumble with room to run. The big man stumbled and rumbled his way to the Bills' goal line where he held the ball out in an effort to impersonate fellow Cowboys star Michael Irvin.

3.     Jackie Smith Drop

Jackie Smith was an outstanding tight end throughout his career with the St. Louis Cardinals, appearing in five Pro bowls. The Cowboys versus the Steelers and the Steelers were dominant through the first half, but a Dallas rally sprung fourth in the third quarter, culminating in a drive to the heart of Pittburgh's defense where a touchdown would tie a game. Smith found himself on the field and running free into the end zone. Staubach tried to make it easy on the old timer, lofting a perfect pass so gently into the Orange Bowl's sweet spot. And Smith's legs buckled and he slipped backwards, the pass bouncing off his chest like greased watermelon.

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