2 Broke Girls Guide to Surviving People's Choice Hosting Duties

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"2 Broke Girls" co-stars Kat Dennings and Beth Behrs are prepping to take center stage on the 40th edition of the People's Choice Awards on Wednesday at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT on CBS. The two on-screen and off-screen BFF's are both excited for the hosting gig, but at the same time, a little bit scared for their big role on the annual event.

Like they say, there's always a first time for everything, and the two stars are going to make their debut on Jan 8 as awards show hosts. "I don't know how I feel. I'm excited. I'm a little scared," says the 27-year-old Dennings.

"I've presented with Beth at awards shows, but we've never hosted. Michael Patrick King is writing all of our stuff for the actual awards show and he's such a brilliant mind. He gave us a little taste of some of the stuff we're going to be doing. He's so funny," she added.

"I feel the same way. I feel like it's a little different because it's me and Kat up there, as opposed to a character. It's a whole different kind of thing. You can't hide behind someone else. At least we have each other, or else I'd be way more nervous," Beth Behrs said when asked how she feels about the hosting job.

Here's the '2 Broke Girls' Guide to Surviving People's Choice Hosting Duties:

1. Don't throw up on stage.

2. Don't make fun of anybody. Since it's their first time as host its best to make fun of themselves rather than anybody.

3. Gain influence from another famous BFF hosting pair. The two 2014 People's Choice Awards hosts are getting some valuable hosting tips from BFF Amy Poehler and Tina Fey.

4. Meditate to calm the nerves.

5. Eat before the big show. Opposite of what others previous hosts are doing, the girls are planning to eat or they will pass out from nervousness.

"I feel like we have to eat, otherwise we'll pass out," Behrs says. "If I have low blood sugar, I won't be able to be funny," she added.

"You have to eat. It's almost like being an athlete. If you have nothing in your system, you're just going to start slowly crashing and burning," Denning adds.

The "2 Broke Girls" stars plans to spend their money on champagne and not on the preparation of the show. "We'll be spending money on lots of champagne for afterwards to celebrate," says Beth Behrs.

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