19-Year Old College Girl With HIV Infects More Than 300 Men And Plans to Reach 2,000 Before 2014 Ends

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A female college student has openly confessed about purposely infecting more than 300 men with HIV and even targets by the end of the year with 2,000 mark after contracting the virus.

Innocent Girl Infected

Normally, a man would likely be interested sleeping with an attractive woman but not in the case of an HIV-infected 19-year-old female student. She studies at Kabarak University in Nakuru, Kenya and confessed her successful transmission of HIV to more than 300 men.

According to Kenyan Daily Post, she had her first sexual encounter on the night of Sept.22, 2013. She went to club in town and got drunk with other senior students then continued the party up to 2 a.m. in hostels. But she woke up with a Javan naked guy and asked if he used a condom.

Javan confirmed using a condom but when she was taking a bath, she noticed seminal fluids coming down from her private part and frightened her about getting pregnant or worst contracting HIV.

In November, she got the results of the HIV screening test and revealed that she contracted the virus. She then confronted the guy but Javan insisted he was clean and claimed she got it from someone else.

The HIV results made her depressed. She drunk herself to die and even attempted to commit suicide through poison.

Aftermath With Revenge

Due to her unbearable experience, she buried her "good girl" image and brought up the "devil inside" then gave herself a new goal among both married and unmarried men chasing after her left and right.

Her new goal is to infect at least 2,000 men as part of what she believes. I know I have nothing left to do on earth but wait for my death. Surprisingly, she keeps a list of how many men she has slept so far and rewarded with HIV. According to her, she already infected 324 men and wanted to finish 2014 with the 2,000 mark.

She also pointed out that pregnancy is out of question and will continue to perform unsafe sex since people in her area loves that kind of practice.

Among the 324 men she infected, 156 are students in the same college where she goes to and the others are men from outside world such as lecturers, married men, lawyers, some celebrities and three politicians.

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