19-Year-Old British Cancer Patient Dramatically ‘Escapes Death’ After ‘Coughing up’ Tumour

By @snksounak on

Stephen Sutton, the 19-year-old British cancer patient who managed to raise millions for cancer charity, has revealed to his Facebook followers that he "coughed up" a tumour straight off his lungs.

It came as a strange but pleasant twist to Sutton's cancer battle. He said on his Facebook page that he got admitted to hospital during the Easter weekend. In his April 22 post, he gave the "final thumbs up" as he wrote, "It's a shame the end has come so suddenly - there's so many people I haven't got round to properly thank or say good-bye to." While many may have expected the worst following his post, he wrote on Sunday, April 27, that there was a "bizarre but fortunate twist" as he coughed up "an oval red-stained solid object." He said that he felt better immediately after coughing up the object. According to his own words, he felt "bloody fantastic."

Sutton further wrote, "The doctors have discussed what's happened and the only plausible conclusion is that I've literally coughed up a tumour (probably along with bits of infection etc.) that was blocking my airway." Toronto Sun reported that Sutton raised over $5 million for the Teenage Cancer Trust.

At first, Sutton thought that he was about to suffocate when he started couching. However, he said that his condition improved dramatically after he coughed up the object. His X-ray report shows that his lung, which earlier collapsed, was slightly inflated. He described that incident saying, ""This whole week has been pretty unbelievable and I can barely fully get my head round everything that has gone on, but yesterday there was perhaps the most bizarre but fortunate twist in the tale yet."

Sutton has shown exception courage to accept his terminal illness. He was apparently happy to die as he managed to raise money for the needful. He said, "I'm cool with it. I'll go knowing I've helped others."

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