19-Year-Old Brit Man to Lose Virginity to Male Friend on a London Gallery Before a Live Audience

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We have all heard of teen girls or young women auctioning their virginity online for financial reasons. However, in Britain 19-year-old Clayton Pettet plans to lose his virginity in a London gallery with 50 to 100 live audience.

It is not because he is an exhibitionist per se, but he is doing it as his performance art project titled Art School Stole My Virginity. Clayton is an art student at London's Central Saint Martins.


At 19, most guys would have had their first sex in their early or mid-teens, not on the last year of their teenage years.

Clayton's friends at school lost their virginities at around age 16, and this led him to ask why is he still a virgin? It was not really much because of his different gender preference because other gay teens have tried sex in their early of mid-teens with no worries of either partners becoming pregnant.

To have the honors of taking his cherry is an unidentified male friend. After engaging in sex onstage with his friends on Jan 25, 2014, he will ask the audience their opinion if losing his virginity publicly will change things between him and his male partner.

However, Huffington Post UK reported that some gay activists reacted negatively to Clayton's plan because the live performance would debase the gay community's sexual relationships.

His announcement elicited three responses so far on Huffington Post. PaulJamesHerz found the plan disgusting, while lyrrad_zason wrote that "anything nowadays is labeled art much like a stray dog taking a dump in the middle of the street."

lyradd stressed that she is not anti-gay, but is anti-bullshit.

SamD.Maloney commented the live theatre venue beats having sex on a car back seat or a bathroom stall.

If the negative comments would cause Clayton to change his mind, perhaps he could instead heed the advice of this video on ways that gay guys could lose their virginities.

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