19-Year-Old Brit Girl Takes Off Clothes and Drinks Beer in UK Grocery in Nex Nominate Challenge (VIDEOS)

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Not all Nek Nominate challenges are fatal. Some are just downright embarrassing. However, in the spirit of drunkenness, a lot of young people are taking the challenge for the sheer fun of it.

While such acts could be considered the folly of youth, with modern technology, the images of Nek Nominate acts are recorded permanently and shared with the world, creating potential problems for these kids when they enter the workforce and convince employers they are worthy to be entrusted jobs and responsibilities.

One of the latest people to take up a controversial Nek Nominate dare is 19-year-old Rebecca Dagley of Britain who was nominated to take of her clothes, except for undergarments, and finish a can of Stella Artois in a crowded Asda supermarket in the UK.

With her friends egging her and curious shoppers ogling, Becca took the challenge and downed the beer while her mates were busy videoing her folly that was later uploaded to YouTube.


With her Nek Nominate act now viral, Rebecca is even proud of what she did and even retweeted the reactions of her friends - mostly male - to her Nex Nominate challenge.

Other unfortunate challengers did not survive, such as 19-year-old Jonny Byrne who drank three different types of spirits and jumped into a swollen River Barlow in Ireland to his death by drowning in alcohol and real water.


On Saturday, the life of another young man, 22-year-old Ross Cummins, was also lost to Nek Nominate when his corpse was discovered in his Dublin apartment, possibly drinking hard liquor hours before he died.

The loss of a young life to alcohol has led Byrne's father to campaign among other young people in Ireland still alive through a late night TV show to reject Nek Nominations.

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