16-Year-Old Complains Testicle Ruptured by Female Police Officer at Pat Down; Unnecessary Anal Probe Costs New Mexico Police $1.6M

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Are American police officers overstepping their bounds when it comes to probing suspects, especially in body parts considered private? Two recent but separate incidents in the U.S. appears to confirm that.

The first incident involves 16-year-old Darrin Manning, a straight A student walking with his friends to a basketball game after school when stopped by police officers in Philadelphia. The incident happened at the corner of 15th and Girard Streets when he was stopped by Officer Thomas Purcell for no reason, Mr Manning told Fox 29.

"She patted me down again, and then I felt her reach, and she grabbed my butt. And then she grabbed and squeezed again and pulled down. And that's when I heard something pop, like I felt it pop," News.com.au quoted the black teenager.

The pat down, which became a groping and squeezing session, happened while Mr Manning was handcuffed. He was then detained for eight hours.

Mr Manning said the reason why Ms Purcell probably became hard on him was that one of his friends could have said something that the female officer didn't like. He recalled she was staring them down.

After he was released, Mr Manning went through surgery. He is in a wheelchair and doctors said the injury to his genitals could prevent him from fathering children in the future.

The police report said Ms Purcell noticed a group of males whose faces were covered with ski masks and running - behaviour that would arouse suspicion of officers. But the students denied they were wearing ski masks, only the scarves of their school.

The report also said Mr Manning fought a police officer, struck him thrice and tore off his radio. The teen denied fighting back. The police likewise pointed out that Mr Manning did not complain of any pain while he was in custody for eight hours.

However, following the complaint of the youth, the police said it initiated an internal probe and would impose disciplinary action on officers if proven they have acted improperly.

Mr Manning is facing three charges, including resisting arrest and aggravated assault. The children's hospital where he was taken confirmed that the teen had emergency surgery on his testicles.

The second case involved a body part just under the testicles - the anus.

David Eckert, a resident of New Mexico, was awarded $1.6 million after he filed a lawsuit against officers of the Hidalgo County and the city of Deming.

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According to Deming police, they sought a search warrant on Mr Eckert after they noticed he was clenching his buttocks as he got out of his car in January 2013 after he was flagged for not stopping fully at a Wal-Mart exit in Deming.

Unfortunately for Mr Eckert, he had a reputation for hiding drugs inside his ass, so police brought a drug-sniffing dog that detected something in the driver's seat.

The search warrant for a body search was valid only in Luna County, but doctors refused to perform the search because it violated their code of ethics, so the police brought him to another county where he was searched.

First his abdominal area was x-rayed but findings said there were no drugs. Then his anus was probed by doctors twice using their fingers and again the exam yielded nothing. Then the doctors inserted an enema to force Mr Eckert to move his bowels in front of doctors and police officers. No drugs were found. The procedure was repeated two more times.

Not content, the police had him x-rayed again. The final procedure was Mr Eckert being sedated for a colonoscopy wherein a scope with a camera was inserted into his anus, rectum, colon and large intestines which likewise yielded negative results for drugs.

To top it all, he was bill for the searches and threatened to be taken to collections if he didn't settle the bill, prompting the victim to counter with lawsuits against the county and city. Another lawsuit against doctors and the hospital is still ongoing.

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