'16 and Pregnant' Star Danielle Cunningham Slammed by Critics Online for Smoking Suspicious Cigarette

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Teen mom Danielle Cunningham surely knows how to stay in news because of her controversies. The "16 and Pregnant" star posted a picture on her Instagram account recently which showed she smoking a suspicious cigarette. The mother of two small babies told her critics that her babies are asleep at this time and hence she is enjoying the smoking. However, there has been an online debate of sorts going on in the comments section of Danielle's Instagram picture. Take a look at the picture below.

Many of Danielle's fans are of the opinion that since she has been a good mother to Jamie and Jayleigh and takes care of their needs at all times, she can do whatever she wants to keep herself entertained, even if it meant smoking weed.

"I'm sure you do an amazing job with your children! Don't let these people get to you! You are not doing anything different then most parents in the U.S these people just don't know anything bc they are such close minded a--hole," write cerobbins7929 on her picture.

However, there have been other not so nice comments on Danielle's smoking photo.

"You can't take a break from being a mom just because the kids are sleeping. Everyone with a kid knows they can wake up at night and you need to be prepared. Sickness, hurt needs hospital. It's going to happened. I just can't understand how ppl can take such a risk, you can loose your kids forever and ppl sitting her telling her its okey?" writes pernillasundqvist on the picture's comment section.

However, Danielle took great offence to the nasty comments and lashed the critics and haters.

"OMG all of you suck my d-k" Danielle commented on the photo. "I will hit a fat a-- blunt and blow it in your face. Judgemental ass c-s. Unfollow me uglies."

Later, when her anger suppressed a bit, Danielle came out with a more detailed explanation saying that there is no way to prove that she was smoking a weed and not a "cigar." She also added that her kids were not at home that night when she was smoking and were at her aunt's place.

"It was my first kid free night in months. I am majoring in forensics right now, on the dean's list at that. Working TWO jobs, paying my own bills and caring for 2 beautiful children. Its mind blowing to me that you are on my personal instagram saying such harsh mean things to a girl you know nothing about," Danielle replied to her haters.

"It's sad to see ladies talking like that. I don't care if i took a picture with a needle in my arm. It's my instagram , my picture, my kids, my life. You have your own to worry about," the controversial reality star added.

It is not the first time that Danielle has been embroiled in a controversial situation. She has been often spotted fighting with her co-stars and even badmouthing "Teen Mom 2" Jenelle Evans.

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