15 Useful Apps 'Conducive' to Productivity

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Mobile devices, aside from serving as communication tools, are created to enhance our everyday living and help us in all aspects related to productivity.

Essentially, we can use them to help get things done and be more productive at work, at home and everywhere.

Get more productive by harnessing these modern tools in your work, business, team collaboration and more. Here are productivity apps, mostly posted by Business Insider, which can help so we will not need to work during weekends:

1.   30/30 (Available in iOS for Free)

Good news for the procrastinators. Here's an app that could help you break such habit. 30/30 connects to a timer interface so that your Home screen shows the time duration it would take you to complete a task. You can add tasks and estimate time duration.

2.  Carousel (Android, iOS - Free)

To help make your presentations fast and more presentable, use Carousel. It organizes videos and photo presentations automatically. This app has been unveiled by Dropbox cloud storage service as an organizer of videos and photos into galleries. With few swipes, you can check the pictures from any period while the app will group videos and photos to help you organize them.

3.  EasilyDo (Android, iOS - Free)

People on the go are always keen on saving a few seconds of their time. It saves your time by executing the process of saving contact info in your Contacts app with a single button touch. It lets you schedule a greeting to your family member's Facebook timeline and a lot more. Install the app, customize if you need to and let it do the work saving your effort, get rid of hassle and most of all save time.

4.  Evernote (iOS, Android, BlackBerry and Nokia - Free)

For taking notes in a meeting, Evernote will help you get organized. It is a multipurpose app for writing notes, tasks and to-do lists which sync across your devices. It can even scan business cards.

5.  Email Game (Chrome - Free)

Organize your inbox with fun with the Email Game. Your filled-up inbox can be soul-crushing to look at, especially if your replies are needed. The process of inbox organization will be less arduous with Email Game. Your inbox can also have timers to force you decide which message deserves your attention most. It will become more fun if you compete with friends to see who can reduce inbox and reply to the emails the fastest.

6.  ETA (iOS, $1.99)

For those who cannot plan their time, ETA can help. Use it to be on time for your meetings. If you are heading to an appointment, ETA can tell you how long it will take with the current traffic and provides a better way to go instead of relying on the Maps app alone.

7.  Focus Lock (Android - Free)

If you want to focus on something and do not want distractions, get the help of Focus Lock. This app allows you to choose certain apps to lock and set the timer for the duration of the lock.  You can still receive phone calls and emails but you will not get updates about the weather and sports scores.

8.  FreshBooks Cloud Accounting (Android, iOS, $19.95 monthly)

The FreshBooks mobile app is clean and competent. It lets you build a database of clients, create and send invoices, bill expenses, track time on projects and record your financial activity. Though the app is free for download, it charges $19.95 a month to track clients up to 25. It is a wonderful app for businesses.

9.  Full (iOS - Free)

Schedule your time for some important stuff with the free Full iOS app. Full can aid you schedule time daily and set monthly goals for yourself. For instance, you can set a time to run 10 miles before month end or finish reading a book in three weeks. With Full, you can spend time without worrying about some work, and thus can make you feel relaxed.

10.  Google Wallet (iOS & Android - Free)

Google Wallet will help reduce stress with your "Orders" section. It can send you quick status updates of a package that you expect so you will not need to keep checking FedEx or UPS. It eases your worries by sending notifications for any change with regard to shipments.

11.  IFTTT (iOS - Free)

Make your phone to complete the tasks itself and get those things you don't have time for with the "If This, Then That." IFTT makes certain programs interact with each other. For example, you can schedule weather alerts to your phone at 7 a.m. daily or some reminders for yourself to pay some bills on specific days of the month. You can get so busy with lots of stuff. IFTT ensures you will not miss some small but important things to accomplish.

12.  Level Money (iOS and Android - Free)

Once downloaded, Level Money syncs with your accounts and gives accurate transaction updates. It automatically detects your deposits and expenses for a complete financial overview. It is an app perfect for planning the future and can even help you save money for retirement.

13.  Mailtracker (iOS - Free)

Use Mailtracker to know if your recipient actually read the email you sent. One of the problems of things left undone in projects and teamwork is when your colleagues and teammates do not read emails. For this, Mailtracker comes in handy. It syncs with the mailbox in your iPhone and sends a detailed info when the recipient reads your message and from where. You will know if they tell you the truth with regard to getting the message from your emails.

14.  Pushbullet (iOS, Android, Chrome and Firefox - Free)

Good news for those who have been forgetful at work. Pushbullet can aid you to never forget something important in the office. It syncs with your computer and display notifications from your phone on the screen. Pushbullet allows file sending from one device to another for immediate download. Send to yourself an address so Google Maps can find the location.

15.  Swype Keyboard (Android, $3.99)

To type your messages faster, deploy Swype Keyboard. The app enables you to type easily, without the need to lift your finger. Slide your finger across the letters, compose messages and look for information efficiently and quickly. With Swype Keyboard, you don't need to worry about typos as it will interpret what you are trying to say when spelling error occurs.

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