15 Reasons Why Upgrade to Sony Xperia Sirius from Xperia Z1 and Xperia Z Series Smartphones

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Camera images shot by the alleged Sony Xperia Sirius leaked and got matched with Xperia Z1. Even with the same hardware, Sirius still takes images better than Z1 using Superior Auto. So if you want the best Sony smartphone, here are the top reasons why you should upgrade.

Camera Power

Sony D6503 Sirius challenged the Xperia Z1 on a camera bout using Superior Auto mode. Based on the leaked images of camera captures, Xperia Sirius boasts a better camera than Z1 even with relatively the same hardware components.

Under Superior Auto mode with and without flash, Sirius produces better quality with less noise and better light reproduction than Z1. Moreover, Sirius can really rely alone to its own flash without making photos appear ghostly or misty unlike with what Z1 showed on the leak.

Display and Resolution

Sirius and Z1 have close display details such as 1080p and possibly the ppi rating. However, Sony upgrade the screen to 5.25 inches instead of using Z1's. In addition, Sirius features Triluminos and X-Reality engine, Smart Backlight control, double tap to wake up, Touch block feature and white balance app.

User Interface

Sirius is set to be released with Android 4.4.2 KitKat and all-new Xperia home UI. Unlike with Z1, Sirius has two Xperia home launchers for expert and basic users similar to what Samsung did on their latest devices. You can also customise the notification and status bars according to what you like.

Camera Modes

Aside from better light reproduction and less noise, Sirius features several modes including 4K video recording, all-new TimeShift video with slow motion and Background Defocus which are all separate apps for Z1. It still features AR effect, Creative effect and Info-eye on top of all new camera modes.

Multimedia Improvements

Sony decided to improve audio output on Sirius by adding S-Force engine on top of default ones such as Clear Phase and xLOUD engines. Sirius also offer Printing options, What's New shortcut beside Google Now, sound menus for accessories and USB DAC support for music enthusiasts.

What Else?

Sony Sirius could be smartest among all Xperia smartphones ever releases and the company didn't just focused on hardware but added new software to deliver convenience and better performance.

1.      Glove mode enabled

2.      Smart call handling for gesture controls

3.      Double tap to awake screen

4.      Answering machine is free

5.      More themes via My Xperia themes

6.      Changeable default SMS client

7.      External USB OTB support

8.      Updated Location services

9.      Enhanced power saving tools

10.  Close All button on the recent apps

Sony Sirius is most likely to be announced officially at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain on February and could actually meet its direct opponent - the Samsung Galaxy S5.

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