13 Star Wars Technologies Shaping The World Today [Videos]

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The Star Wars Saga became influential when it comes to science and technology, and now some of innovations which appeared inside the film slowly being seen for real. Androids, holograms, mechanical arms and force field are among being developed. Fifteen Star Wars technologies now embracing today's digital age.

1.      Androids and Battle Droids Inside the film, they are used for security and war which makes them very dangerous. Androids in the real world are synthetic organism designed to look and act like human. Japan, South Korea, United States and the United Kingdom are developing better Androids and they have produced DER 01, Ever-2, Albert Einstein and Lucy robots, respectively.

2.      Mechanical Body Parts Darth Vader was severed, losing his arms and legs from Star Wars Episode 3, and were replaced by mechanical ones. Prosthetics are now common in healthcare industry and emulates almost 100 per cent of the real thing. Artificial body parts today includes hearing aids, artificial eyes, gastric bands and dentures.

3.      Lightsabers A weapon considered elegant for the civilised world in the Star Wars universe and surely scary if we police officers using this to catch criminals. The real lightsaber which burns anything it touches is still far from reality, but you can create custom versions with different kinds of projection such as LED or FX. Saber Forge is one of the many sources where you can learn how to create your own lightsaber.

4.      Hologram Technology Used as primary communications in Star Wars film better than email or smartphones. If you want to see holograms for real, go to the Manchester Airport and deal with two real-life-like airport employees. Try their version of customer service.

5.      Vaporator System Imagine the harsh, dry and lack of water environment of the desert and wonder how Luke Skywalker survived Tattoine. Vaporators are devices used to harvest excess moisture out of the air and be used for irrigation. In Melbourne, a researcher at the Swinburne University of Technology developed his version of the vaporator that could be used to supply water for plants in the worst deserts on Earth.

6.      Space Travel Hyperspace Jump is what travel means in Star Wars from on galaxy to another as if just riding a bullet train. Only space satellites can travel beyond Earth, and scientists are still figuring out the key to faster space travel. So, will the Millennium Falcon be available in 2020?

7.      Hovering Vehicles If you do not like space travel, use a hovercraft and go anyway around your planet without thinking much about gravity or pollution. In Japan, a train runs along the tracks using magnetism rather than simple power lines; it floats and cut travel time by half.

8.      Carbonite What if you can carbon freeze someone robbing your home similar to Han Solo's situation back in the movies? Well, the answer is maybe if the government around the world uses the carbon waste to preserve food or perishable goods, Carbonite won't take much time to become real.

9.      Super Powerful Microscopes According to Star Wars, the Force is not a religion but based on science. Midi-chlorians are the root of life forms and mystical energy of the Force. Super resolution microscopy is the technology we used today to view images without the limits of diffraction. Unfortunately, there is no single machine which can see everything under the human skin.

10.  Intelligent and Service Oriented Droids Battle Droids are different which have only one goal, to attack. But having a service droid inside your home will not only do house chores but can also perform language translations, digital encyclopedia, and moving calculator. Wakamaru is a Japanese robot butler that serves food, makes calls and notes your schedule with friendly reminders.

11.  Skywalker's Binoculars DARPA or Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency proposed binoculars with dramatic enhanced range similar to Luke Skywalker's version. The project is still under development, and DARPA will incorporate it with the bionic eye project, Argus II. On its final stage, the binoculars will have embedded EEG or brain-signal transmitters to warn soldiers of potential enemies.

12.  Bionic Hand I-Limb developed by Touch Bionics, is a robotic hand which features both greater control and greater strength. It can bear up to 200 pounds of weight, has more precise motion control, and even do intricate tasks such as tying shoelaces.

13.   Force Field In case there would be a Zombie Apocalypse, the force field is one of the best defense you can use under rich source of electricity and power. Real-life version of force fields are detailed from metal plates installed directly to the exterior of a vehicle. BaeSystems produced force-field equipped tanks and was launched in Iraq and Afghanistan in 2005. The tanks survived many live fires and still continuing its service today.

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