13-inch Apple iPad Pro Video Released: Features and What to Expect

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Every year, Apple has been updating its line of tablets. Unlike previous upgrades, it appears Apple wants to take its iPad to a whole new level. The company is reportedly working on a 13-inch iPad. It will be a hybrid between the MacBook and iPad line. While the company has not confirmed the final details, there are enough leaks and predictions around that make the 13-inch iPad worth looking into. What can people expect? 

Mac Rumors uploaded a concept video of the 13-inch iPad Pro. The video features an iPad device featuring the full version of the OS X. According to the report, the video was from by Italian consulting company SET Solution. True to the predictions and leaks, the concept shows a device with large form factor including extremely thin bezels. 

The video also featured touch controls for the OS X Mountain Lion. It appears people can connect to the Apple Magic Mouse and Wireless Keyboard easily. Those looking for a full-desktop experience can now do so with the 13-inch iPad. 

Analysts and consumers alike have discussed and hoped for Apple to combine the iOS and the OS X.  The two operating systems appear to be integrated increasingly. The two OS platforms appear to have more similar characteristics throughout the years. They share similar design features lately. Nonetheless, an interview with Apple's top brass, Craig Federighi and Phil Schiller, refutes this. 

Macworld reported that the two Apple executives said that combination of the iOS and the OS X is considered a non-goal. Apple does not see investing as much. The company wants to develop products with specific purposes. 

This outlook may also be considered for the production of the iPad Pro. Some analysts believe Apple may not go forward with the idea. 

J.P. Morgan analyst Mark Moskowitz, on other hand, went against the two executives. He predicted just this month that Apple may be working on a platform featuring both the capabilities/functions of the iOS and the OS X. The platform will be called "iAnywhere." The analyst also claimed that the hybrid operating system could come with an iOS unit docked on a secondary display. 

People will have to wait for further announcements from Apple. Click this link for the video. 

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