12-Year Old's Racy Photos And Erotica Literature Discovered In iPad School Provided

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A Child Uses A iPad Air Tablet At The Apple Store.
A child uses an iPad Air tablet at the Apple store in San Francisco, California November 1, 2013. Reuters

A mother was surprised to discover her young daughter has been reading erotica from the gadget her school had provided for educational purposes.

KATU-TV reports Neil Armstrong Middle School, located in Forest Grove, Oregon, provided their students with iPads last year as part of their test program. The intent was for the Apple product to be used for educational purposes. The school even had the gadget on security locks to make sure they weren't abused, so students won't be able to access restricted sites. However, some managed to find a way to circumvent around the security that was discovered by one of the student's mother in a most shocking way.

"She was reading erotica - along with a lot of the other kids," Sarah told KATU. The mother asked for her surname and her daughter's name to remain anonymous says the report.

Sarah reportedly has a strict policy when it comes to her 12-year old daughter's unauthorised access to the Internet, and the use of technology in their household.  Even the family computer is connected to the TV in the living room, which is also set up with parental controls.

The report claims she had her daughter at a "no phone, no social media and no personal computer" policy. So when she found out that she was reading erotica from the school-provided iPad, she "was shocked."

"It was not something you expect a 12-year-old to look at, or to talk about or to want to do or anything. She's still a little girl," she said.

Sarah claimed she went through her daughter's browser history and discovered she has been reading the adult content from the online reading community Wattpad. She then reportedly grounded her daughter and informed the school about her discovery. The school in turn assured her that the site will be put under restricted access in the iPad.

However, it doesn't end there. A month later, Sarah reportedly again discovers another incident that prompted the On Your Side Investigators to contact the school principal Brandon Hundley.

This time her 12-year old daughter managed to create her own Gmail account, so she could reportedly send racy pictures of herself to another student.

"I found out she had an email account and was sending pictures of herself and having relations online," Sarah told KATU.

The mother thought "enough was enough" so she confiscated the iPad and had her daughter go to classes without it for seven months. Although it reportedly presented a problem with learning, since the school practically used the gadget for their lessons.

As for Hundley, he failed to respond to a camera interview but said on his email that "there is no way to ensure absolute security on a technology device."

"Relative to parent concerns, we take them very seriously and have acted on each as soon as reported," he said in response to the inquiry conducted by On Your Side Investigators.

Read his full statement here.

Apparently, Sarah's concerns about her daughter's iPad use will be put to an end. According to The Blaze, the Los Angeles Unified School District has suspended the provision of the Apple product to every student. This decision came after the program received immense criticism and issues for its $1 billion contract with Apple over a purchase of 700,000 iPads.

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