12 Inches Retina MacBook Air and Low-Price iMac Likely Release This Year

By @binibiningkd on

Apple is reportedly working on the ultra slim 12 inches MacBook Air and low-priced iMac to be launched this year according to an intensive research note on Apple's product roadmap for 2014.

KGI Securities' Ming Chi Kuo who has been accurate with Apple predictions in the past reiterated expectations for the 12 inches MacBook Air that matched a leak in March from a formidable Chinese forum site. According to Ming Chi Kuo, the new 12 inches MacBook Air will "redefine notebook user experience" with its thinner model, buttonless trackpad, higher resolution display and absence of fan.

The news on the upcoming 12 inches MacBook Air is not new. In fact, last year, Kuo already predicted the ultra-thin 12 inches MacBook Air and he was the first person to reveal the plans of the Cupertino tech giant regarding the redesigned MacBook Air.

According to Kuo, the new 12 inches MacBook will sport a minimalist design and it is expected to feature the portability and the productivity of the 11 inches and 13 inches model respectively. Furthermore, this upcoming 12 inches MacBook Air is expected to have the outstanding visual experience seen in the Retina MacBook Pro. It is also likely that this 12 inches MacBook Air will be slimmer and lighter than the current MacBook Air for better portability and the form factor might be an improved clamshell structure that will redefine laptop computing yet again following the trend that the MacBook has made.

Apart from the 12 inches MacBook Air, Kuo claimed that a "low-priced" version of the iMac is also coming this year. The new model is prepped to compete with the existing models from Lenovo and HP and to grow its market share in Asia as well.

Thus far, the 12 inches MacBook Air release date isn't expected until the last quarter of 2014. On the other hand, the low-priced iMac release date might happen this mid-2014. At this point, one potential launch date event for the low-priced iMac is the Worldwide Developers Conference that is scheduled on June 2. 

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