12-inch Apple MacBook Retina and 4K Mac Release in October with OS X Yosemite, Killer Features to Expect

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Apple CEO Tim Cook Departs The Stage Following His Keynote Address
Apple CEO Tim Cook departs the stage following his keynote address at the Worldwide Developers Conference in San Francisco, California, June 2, 2014. Reuters

September to October period remains one of the most anticipated months of the year especially for Apple's hardware refresh. The tech giant's line of products has traditionally been updated around the same period for years. Apart from the iPhone 6, start of September onwards will also reportedly see the release of the iOS 8, OS X Yosemite and 12-inch Retina MacBook. A new Apple Mac with 4k capabilities is also expected to debut this fall. Will Apple have its biggest year yet? 

According to analysts, Apple may be poised to release refreshed versions of its Mac and MacBook line including a 12-inch Retina MacBook. KGI analyst Ming-Chi Kuo said previously that this year's third quarter will be big for Apple. The company will release majority of products around September until the holiday season. Kuo noted that what Apple comes up this September will be crucial to its market reception in the future. The analyst also noted: 

"We believe the rumored iWatch will be Apple's most important product this year, carrying much more weight than iPhone 6, as market feedback for the product should reveal whether Apple still has the ability to continue making game-changing products with Tim Cook at the helm." 

According to Slash Gear, Apple may be finally thinking of introducing a 4K Mac model, if not in September, this October. Apple has chosen to skip the upgrade for years although the MacBook Pro line and iMac are highly compatible with higher resolutions and pixel densities. 9to5Mac said that its sources hint that may soon change with 4K resolution Apple computers on their way. It is not clear yet whether Apple will offer it as a standlone monitor or a complete iMac but 4K resolution is a big possibility. Other reported features include Retina Thunderbolt Display and OS X Yosemite. 

Apple has already released the beta version of the OS X Yosemite meaning release is just around the corner. The OS X Yosemite will reportedly concentrate on Retina-ready graphics. In another report, 9to5Mac also noted that Apple will be providing OS X Yosemite Developer Previews until the final edition comes out. The developer previews will come every two to three weeks. The target release of OS X Yosemite will be around October 10 whereas the free Yosemite version will be available on the Mac App Store by end of October.

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