12-inch 2014 MacBook Air Release Imminent as Apple Enters Q3 Production

By @peevesky on

The latter part of the year will be big for Apple as the company prepares for a series of releases including production. According to recent supply chain information, Apple will be releasing the iPhone 6 and iPad Air 2 around September while preparing the 12-inch 2014 MacBook Air in the third quarter with the same release schedule. Apple's entry to the production period supports predictions and claims about the 12-inch MacBook hitting markets soon. 

According to Apple Insider, supply chain sources hinted about the mass production of the long awaited 12-inch MacBook Air. The information from Taiwanese publication DigiTimes indicating the Quanta Computer has been gearing up for July or Q3 production of the computer. The publication also reported that Apple will be sticking to the present design of the MacBook Air. The company only plans on introducing minor tweaks including upgrading the internal structures to fit the new dimension. Apple will have to come up with a new battery system if it wants to push through with the 12-inch design. 

According to sources, Apple wants to introduce a new computer to the market to differentiate between the iPad Air with 9.7-inch screen and the 11-inch MacBook. However, a point of argument is that the same sources said that Quanta Computer was also contracted to develop a 12-inch iPad. This information contradicts Apple's supposed approach to delineate the differences between the screen sizes of the computers. Nonetheless, Apple appears to have stalled the production of the super-sized iPad for later release. 

The timing of production agrees with Ming-Chi Kuo's predictions. The analyst from KGI Securities has a good track record for predictions of Apple's upcoming hardware cycles. According to the analyst, Apple will be releasing the 12-inch version around the latter part of the year. 

Kuo previously indicated that the new model will combine the performance of the 13-inch version with the portability of the 11-inch variant. Likewise, he also predicted that the 12-inch MacBook Air model will sport the Retina technology. According to Bloomberg, Chinese suppliers have also started preparing for the production of the iPhone 6 this July. 

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