11 Things You Can Do With New HTC One M8 But Cannot With an iPhone

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HTC One M8
HTC CEO Peter Chou shows the new HTC One M8 phone during a launch event in New York March 25, 2014. The HTC One M8 has a 5-inch display, slightly larger than its predecessor, as well as improved camera technology, a faster processor and updated software, the company said. REUTERS/Brendan McDermid

HTC One, released in the previous year, has become popular because of its design.

It was a contender of Apple's iPhone. For HTC One M8, the most recent report said HTC launched its second-generation model featuring an equally well-designed, premium-metal unibody. The second-generation model comes with an enhanced built-in camera and slightly tweaked design. The new flagship device is more set for an iPhone.

With HTC One M8 complete unveiled, many smartphone fans are checking on the much-hyped HTC flagship comparing it with top-of-the-line devices. One review has compared M8 with Apple's iPhone 5s.

With regard to build quality, Apple is nearly untouchable based on history and iPhone 5s is an exemplary testament of Jony Ive's working. HTC One M8 has a larger screen but compromises its portability. M8's front-facing camera is better than 5s. It has been found to have great specs but seems to catch-up with Apple's flagship, especially in terms of co-processor.

Overall, both phones are powerful, have tech advances on each side, beautiful and sleek. While most iPhone fanatics are not willing to leave iOS comforts yet, Business Insider also compiled 11 stuff  that make HTC One M8 fare better than iPhone.

Here are the things you can do with M8 which you cannot with an iPhone:

1.  A storage content capability of up to 128 GB through its microSD card slot for extra storage space. But iPhone 5s only comes in 16 GB, 32 GB and 64 GB storage capacities leaving no part for microSD.

2.   Adding 3D effects to an image is awesome, which means it has two camera lenses. Get closer to your subject for a more visible effect. One thing an iPhone camera is not capable of doing since it only has the main camera.

3.  Holding your phone in landscape and pressing the volume button enables the camera to launch. But with iPhone, you have to press a button to turn it on and drag the camera icon to the upper screen to access it.

4.  HTC One M8 offers a mini three-second videos called Zoes. The camera works to capture 20 stills of your focus while taking video in this mode.

5.  M8 runs on a modified version of Android software known as Sense 6.6, which means you have to tap the screen to wake-up your phone.

6. Navigate to your most recent used apps by swiping upwards on the display even if it is turned off. iPhones do not have shortcuts like this. Press the home key twice and it will take you to all the apps that you have accessed.

7. New HTC One M8 has a 5 MP sensor and wide-angled front-facing camera. Taking your best selfies will be so easy.

8. The BlinkFeed feature of HTC is your personal magazine. It aggregates updates from social networks and select news sources while FitBit owners can have a look at health and fitness info on its BlinkFeed feature. But the home screen of iPhone takes you to your apps.

9. You can add a lot of different effects to photos taken with the HTC One, including 3D and UFocus.

10.  The new flagship has a Duo Camera that allows advanced photo editing. For instance, you can still adjust the focus point of your subject even after firing a shot.

11.  The new HTC One M8 has infrared blaster, which means you can use it as a TV remote control. The program guide enables you to save your favorite channels, navigate for more shows and get updates through Twitter from others who are also on the same show. HTC One M8's price starts at $199.99 carrying some contracts for four major U.S. cellular providers. 

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