10 Weird Celebrity Phobias [PHOTOS]


Spy cameras, paparazzi, stalkers might be some fears of famous celebrities, but aside from the normal fears, seems like some famous celebs are freaked out by some of the strangest phobias. Here are top ten celebrities and their odd fears.

David Beckham

Famous athlete and husband of Victoria Beckham is a great dresser and may be considered as one of the sexiest men in his field. But many didn't know that he has ataxophobia or fear of disorder. He wants soda cans lined up in the refrigerator in a certain way.


Ever since she stepped into the music scene, she was perceived as one fearless woman. But Madge suffers from brontophobia or fear of thunder.

Orlando Bloom

You wouldn't have guessed what this British green-living actor is afraid of. Orly has a strange fear of pigs or in medical terms, he has swinophobia. There was an incident while filming one of his movies when a pig ran around the set, well Bloom ran off too.

Nicole Kidman

The famous actress admits to having panics when stepping on the red carpet but what people didn't know is that she too suffers from an ironic phobia. Nicole is afraid of butterflies.

Christina Ricci

People are going to be surprised to know that Christina has botanophobia or an intense fear of houseplants. The actress thinks they're dirty and it freaks her out.

Pamela Anderson

Pamela has eisoptrophobia or fear of mirrors. It's the fear of seeing your own reflection.

Kelly Osbourne

Kelly has a weird kind of phobia named haphophobia or the fear of being touched. Her brother once said in an interview that in order to freak her out, you have to touch her collarbone.

Billy Bob Thorton

Although known for being eccentric, Billy has an odd fear of antique furnitures which is medically known as chromophobia.

Matthew McConaughey

It turns out that the outdoorsy guy is petrified of tunnels and revolving doors. The actor admitted that he gets anxious once he sees a revolving door.

Kim Basinger

The actress suffers from agoraphobia or fear of open spaces. Having this kind of phobia includes extreme shyness and need for privacy.


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