10 Unique Facts About Flappy Bird that led to a Chicago Teen Fatally Stab his own Brother over a low Score

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Even after the removal of Flappy Bird from the App Store, it continues to be one of the most talked about game in 2014. There was a time when no one knew about the existence of this annoyingly simple game.

The game is insanely popular, and there is no logical reason behind it. Flappy Bird comes with not-so-cool graphics, there numerous other similar games and it is ridiculously tough to play this game, still it managed to dethrone a game like Candy Crush Saga.

Let's have a look at 10 unique facts about Flappy Bird.

1.  A boy killed his brother over a low Flappy Bird score: They say war kills people. Even a game as stupid as Flappy Bird can be the reason behind a first-degree murder. Gary Wright (16) fatally stabbed his brother Jaban Wright (17) over the latter's high score. Reportedly, Jaban teased Gary who got a low score. Read more, here.

2.  Dong Nguyen developed Flappy Bird in just two or three days: According to a post on Forbes, developer Dong Nguyen developed this game in just two or three days. It is not the creativity but the viral ability that matters.

3.  Flappy Bird released in May 2013: Yes, the game was released in mid-2013. It didn't rise to fame until January 2014. The sudden rise of Flappy Bird remains a mystery.

4.  According to Verge, Flappy Bird generated a whopping $50000 per day: Thanks to pop-up advertisements, Flappy Bird managed to rack in $50000 per day.

5.  Critics hate Flappy Bird: People loved the game, but critics hated it. They bashed it left, right and centre. Metacritic gave Flappy Bird a score of 54/100.

6.  Developer Dong Nguyen received death threats: After Dong pulled off the game, he received death threats. Hardcore fans of Flappy Bird are ready to do anything in order to play the game.

7.  Nintendo has nothing to do with Flappy Bird's demise: Of course, the game was a knock-off of Nintendo's assets, but still the company denied any role in the pulling off of the game.

8.  Dong Nguyen's real reason behind pulling off Flappy Bird: Apparently, Flappy Bird turned his life upside down and had negative effects on his "simple life."

9.  Flappy Bird clones are available: Gamers can install and play clones like Clumsy Bird, Flappy Fish, Flappy Angry Bird and many more such games.

10. Flappy Bird developer Dong Nguyen committed suicide: Yes, it is a hoax. The fake report stated that Dong was found dead with a gunshot wound in his head. 

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