10 Unconventional and Un-Cheesy Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day with Your Lover

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Unconventional is the new sexy this Valentine's in 2014. It is not wrong to say that people cross all limits of being cheesy on Valentine's Day, but this year it can be different. One can go ahead and toss cheesiness out of the window and do something unique, perhaps bizarre. Skip those e-cards, candlelight dinners, chocolate boxes, heart-shaped balloons and try these unconventional tips.

1.   Try hiking: There is nothing like an adventurous date. If you and lover belong to the outdoor club then hiking is one of the coolest things to do on Valentine's Day. Trekking through a mountain or walking in the woods can be quite romantic.

2.   Go the comedy way: Forget the violin players or a romantic band play music as the lovers dine in the restaurant, instead go to a comedy club and laugh like there is no tomorrow. Ask out the date and head to a restaurant or bar with comedy nights for a funny Valentine's Day experience.

3.   Skate boarding or roller skating: Try a different set of wheels this Valentines. Pick the date not in a car or bike, but grab an extra pair of roller skates or a skate board and helmet. One can also enrol for basic skateboarding or roller skating classes to learn the art.

4.   Hot yoga for two: Nothing like a steamy and hot Valentine's Day for a couple. Get two yoga mats and enrol for a special hot yoga class for two. It is said that yoga helps in increasing blood flow and enhance the endorphins.

5.   Attend a rock or metal concert this Valentine's Day: Why not! The girl and boy headbanging to some really cool heavy metal or death metal songs.

6.   Take the date to burlesque show: Up the sexiness by taking the date to a burlesque show. The perfomers appear in killer costumes like long gloves, feather boas and pasties.

7.   Bowling: It may not be the perfect idea for a romantic Valentine's Day date, but it's all about doing the unconventional this time.

8.   Video game parlour date: A game of Tekken or Street Fighter at the local game parlour is quite cool.

9.   Wrestle with me, love: This Valentine's Day put on the boxing gloves and the ring (boxing) becomes the venue for the date. Wrestle with the partner but be gentle. Note: Things might hot up in the bed after a good wrestling match!

10. Treasure Hunt on Valentine's Day: Design a treasure hunt with sexy clues and winner gets to do anything (yes, anything).

Try these unconventional tips and comment the experiences.  

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