10 Things You Didn’t Know That You Could Do in Your iPhone

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iPhone 6
iPhone 6 in Sam Beckett's concept video Screenshot from YouTube Video

Apple has introduced several amazing features of its iPhone. Some of these are popular with its constant use but others are yet to be explored.

The Business Insider uploaded a video showcasing 10 interesting things that can be done in an iPhone which were not noticed earlier:

1.      Block People From Calling or Texting

From a list of hundred contacts, there will be an individual or two who can be a nuisance or don't feel like putting him on the contact's list. For these people, iPhone helps to block them from calling or texting in the future. Simply, go to "Settings," scroll down to "Phone" and then tap on the "Blocked" option. The provided space is to write the name of the person who will be blocked.

2.      Have Siri Read Emails

Emails can now not be ignored. When iPhone is locked and an email notification pops in, simply hard press the Home button and ask Siri to "Read My Emails." Siri will automatically list all the emails and read them one by one.

3.      See Which Flights Are Above

To see the list of flights flying above your current location, iPhone will show all the details. Hard press the Home button and ask "What flights are above me," a catalogue of all the flights will be available at that very moment.

4.      Make a Passcode With Full Keyboard

Writing a passcode on a full keyboard is simple and easy. To use this utility, go to "Settings" and tap on "Passcode." Before turning the passcode an option, it is necessary to turn off the "Simple Passcode."

5.      Turn on Caps Lock

While typing a message if one wishes to write the letters in capital, double click the Shift button that is the upward arrow key placed on the left side of the keyboard.

6.      Hold a Key For Extra Option

There are certain different styles and options available for letters in the keyboard. If a person holds any key, the extra options pop out which can be used while typing a message, especially an informal message.

7.      Shake iPhone For Undo Typing

Instead of deleting whatever has been written on a message, it is easy to shake the iPhone and click on the "Undo" option.

8.      Bold, Italicize or Underline Words in Emails

Select a word in the email that needs to be highlighted, immediately options for bold, italicize and underline will be shown.

9.      Check Timestamps on Texts

To check at what time a message is received on the phone, slightly move a particular text from right to left.

10.     Use iPhone as a Level

With the compass feature under the utilities option, iPhone will tell the level whichever angle it is placed.

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