10 Steps to Recover Lost iPhone or iPad

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Losing a device is never easy, especially when the electronic equipment is very expensive. For lost or stolen devices, there are easy ways to find your iPhone and iPad that can save a lot of hassle.

Apple loyalists and even long-time users of iPhone and iPad could be familiar with Apple's iOS "device recovery" options. But for those who are unfamiliar with this option and have not set up their devices merely due to lack of time, here is a reminder to set up the device recovery option on your iPhones and iPads. A quick and effective guide from Apple Toolbox (via BGR) showcases what to do in case your iPhone or iPad is stolen or misplaced.

The feature which has the potential to save users from all the troubles upon losing an iPhone or iPad is "Lost Mode." This allows users to remotely lock his iPhone or iPad. Also, it displays a custom message on the screen of the device.  Lost Mode option has the ability to track the device and can pinpoint the location of the device on a map.

Upon losing the iPhone, the user can send out a message offering a "reward" to anyone who finds the device and returns it back, BGR said. Lost Mode feature is available starting from iOS 6. Users of iPhone, iPad or iPod touch can use "Lost Mode":

- To remotely lock the device with a passcode

- To display a custom onscreen message

- To keep track of the device location

Enabling Lost Mode Feature

1.   Navigate to Settings -> iCloud -> Find My iPhone/iPad

2.   Visit iCloud.com from a Desktop/Laptop or a Mac.

3.   Sign-in using Apple ID and password.

4.   Click on the "Find my iPhone/iPad" icon.

5.   Under 'All Devices' menu, choose the device that should be placed in Lost Mode.

6.   Now click the Lost Mode option.

7.   In case, the user did not set up a passcode lock option on that device beforehand, the user will be asked to lock the device with a new passcode. If the user had already set-up a passcode lock, a phone number will be requested.

8.   Upon entering the phone number, the person who is in possession of that device has no other option but to call the given number. In case of iPad, the user will be asked for a phone number where the person can be reached.

9.   The next step is to type down a custom message and click on the 'Done' option.

10. The device will be placed in Lost Mode.

When the device is placed in Lost Mode, the user can monitor its location from iCloud.com. Also, to turn off the Lost Mode, the passcode should be entered on the device.

Even though the "Lost Mode" is an incredible feature, if the user had not configured this option while setting up the device for the first time, the feature is as good as not having one. 

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