10 Reasons Why You Should Ditch Out iPhone 6 for Android or Windows Phone Devices

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Android holds the open-source platform that garnered faithful users while Windows Phone has a new version and keeps on developing. In case you're thinking about the switch from iPhone, here are ten reasons why you can ditch it for an Android or Windows Phone device.

Virtual Assistance

Android has Google Now while branded devices such as Samsung Galaxy provide a customised virtual assistant. Windows Phone 8.1 now features Cortana that acts as a virtual assistant as well. If Siri can gather data and answer queries, Android and Windows Phone can also provide the same.

Out of the Box Apps

iOS limit users to get apps from other sources as part of their security but it is a restriction for those who want to maximise their devices. Android allows root access and installation of apps sourced from other sites. Windows Phone can utilise "sideloading" which acts similar with Android.

More Customisation

Devices running Android OS and Windows Phone OS allow installation of customised firmware which is something very difficult to do on any iOS running devices. Customised ROMs features different tweaks, lightweight system and modifiable contents - users are in full control.

Network Compatibility

If you are thinking about the network provider and coverage on Android or Windows Phone, more models today are now compatible with 4G-LTE. In addition, more and more network providers are offering iPhone equivalent flagship smartphones serviced under 3G and 4G data plans.

Cheaper and Colourful Options

iPhone 5C is not the only smartphone that features cheaper price and colourful exterior. Certain Nokia Lumia models are sold with different colours and some of them feature good camera lenses. Motorola X, G and E are offered in different colour schemes depending on your style and budget.

Accessory Options

Apple products have their own cables and accessories which usually don't work for other devices. USB cables are common among mobile devices for charging and data transfer but iOS devices require their exclusive connectors to recharge or connect to a computer.

New Home and Lock Screen

Even the lock screen is not very customisable in iOS while Android allows installation of several home launchers and lock screen apps from the Play Store which can replace the default UI and "sideloading" of apps may enable Windows Phone to do the same thing.

Preference for Google Apps

If Gmail, YouTube, Google Maps and Chrome are working well for you, why not integrate it with more services. In Android, you can use those apps regularly and get non-stop enjoyment with Google Play Books, Play Movies and Games. Unfortunately, Windows Phone OS devices use their own environment but you can try Nokia X to open Google Play Services.

Great Keyboard

Typing experience with Swipe gesture and predictive input are not new in Android. You can either use the built-in keyboard provided by your device or download better apps such as Swype or GO Keyboard. For Windows Phone, version 8.1 provides Word Flow keyboard for shape writing and gliding.

Becoming an Administrator

Jailbreaking of any iOS devices can impose risk factors aside from losing the warranty. Some errors or issues may occur on different system functions but not in the case of Android OS as Google allows root access in exchange of the active warranty. If you want to take 100 per cent control over the processor, RAM and even microSD card, Android can provide it. 

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