10 Reasons Why Android Outwits iOS

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The most popular mobile OS platform in the world has too many good reasons why it is better than iOS.

For the past few years, Android has grown exponentially, eating away its pie in the mobile market industry. Android evolves almost every year, and this 2013, another version of it will be released.

In comparison with Apple, iOS is undeniably slick and does the job for many people but it does not have enough power to match the Android march.

1.     Android for multiple devices

It is just common sense; Android OS is being used by a lot of manufacturers including Samsung, HTC, LG, Sony, Motorola, ZTE, and a lot more, whether they are the best ones in the market or just new to the industry. Apple is only one company using iOS which defines how exclusive it is just to have one device. Another thing in Android is that it can be found to almost any form or device; smartphones, tablets, phablets, refrigerator, wall oven, and more to come. The OS platform has crossed a lot of gadgets lately.

2.     The price is right

Android comes with a variety of prices depending on the level of the devices running the OS. Owning an Android phone does not have to be expensive because it is available from low-end, mid-range, to the high-tech seen in every store.

3.     Customize me

Android is very customizable, both non-rooted and rooted state. Developers have made launchers which allows beyond personalisation for user to have than the stock ROM and custom ROMs for users with advanced Android experience to change the default ROM for better usage, performance and privileges.

4.     Live wallpapers

Plain wallpaper is boring no matter how colorful they are, but active, moving wallpaper that reacts when you touch the screen is amazing. Android allows live wallpaper to be used and added to its devices.

5.     Widgets

This is something original from Android which allows the user to put information on their homescreen for convenient access or update. Widgets may be use to display contents from system applications, applications installed by the user, social network apps, clocks, power button, and many more.

6.     Launchers for customisation and non-root

Rooting an Android phone can cause serious problems if the user is not experienced doing it, aware of the right details, and does not know how to restore it back to the original state. Launchers that customises created by developers available in Google Play will bring a makeover desired with added features that the device cannot do normally.

7.     Custom ROMs

For experienced users who want to play hard with Android, changing from stock ROM to custom ROM is one way to do a "digital surgery" and see a way to achieve a new look with new features added by the developers which may exist in other Android versions.

8.     Integration

Android is completely connected to Google services and application without much hassle to download them after the purchase of the device. Google Maps, Gmail, Navigation, YouTube, Google Play, Google+, Google Earth, Google Now, and more are already integrated for the Android phone owner.

9.     Innovation and improvement

Android will never stop fixing their bugs if seen or if not seen will just make sure that the OS is faster, stable and powerful. One complaint in iOS is that if a problem isn't found yet, no need for instant upgrade. Looking back from the early Android compared today, it has displayed the unparalleled capability to innovate and improve.

10.    Data management

This is an issue now to many users with iOS devices due to the fact that they are stuck to iTunes when it concerns data files. It is also the goal of Apple to prevent piracy but it is actually something they cannot stop as well. Android allows its user to connect to almost any gadgets which can read a USB data cable to browse inside the device's memory without the possible need of any suit or media reader.

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