10 Power Feature Upgrades Likely On-Board for iPhone 6 Release Date this 2014

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iPhone 6 Concept Image by Dani Yako
iPhone 6 Concept Image by Dani Yako Dani Yako via Concept-Phones

The iPhone 6 on its 2014 release date is highly anticipated to wallop out of the box packed with impressive capabilities that further add up to its rumoured killer features and supposed alluring look.

What the actual iPhone 6 is remains shrouded in mystery but thanks to numerous looks and clues, features of the device and the mobile platform that will power it are beginning to shape into a beautiful and compelling form.

And below are the possible major bump ups that Apple fans will get from the iPhone 5S sequel:

Supersized screens

Along with the whispers that Apple is releasing two iPhone versions this year, the display panel will be considerably stretched as well. From the 4-inch iPhone 5S, the regular iPhone 6 will hit the market with a 4.7-inch screen profile on 1704 x 960 resolution, its pixel density reaching a high of 416ppi, according to Business Insider.

As we all know by now, though Apple has yet to confirm, a really upsized iPhone is in the offing and it can go as big as 5.5-inch, ready to slug it out with upcoming and current phablet devices in the market.

The first iOS phablet will boast of a 1080p screen that is flooded with 356 pixels per inch on the Retina display panel.

Faster processing and enhanced graphics

According to CNET, the iPhone 5S CPU muscles improved twice as much from the iPhone 5, mostly thanks to the 64-bit A7 chip jump. It is widely believed that for the iPhone 6, as well as the 2014 iPads, Apple will deploy A8 chip in the same 64-bit mobile computing class.

That would mean faster processing tasks for all the iOS devices in the pipeline with the bonus of improved graphics rendering.

Best iPhone shooter ever

While the chatter points to the maintenance of an 8MP main cam for the next iPhone, Apple watchers are counting on software and hardware upgrades that would render the iPhone 6 with a killer camera to tout. Instantly, larger sensor, optical image stabilisation and fresh application features come to mind.

Higher memory capacity

Apple fans that stock too many digital files on their iPhones have longing to see the iPhone maker go beyond the 64GB internal memory, especially in the absence of an expansion slot in the device. In early 2013, the 128GB iPad 4 was introduced which proved that the configuration is possible for iOS devices.

Naturally, iPhone users clamoured for a model with same memory capacity but the wish was not granted when the 5S debuted. Another shot could come in the iPhone 6, specifically for the larger model that is designed anyway as an alternative for the small tablet.

Faster and more stable wireless connection

LTE is near the full global implementation and to ensure that superfast wireless connection is available even when cellular signal is hard to come by, Apple is likely to install Wi-Fi 801.11ac compatible chips with its iOS devices. They were first used with the latest MacBook Air and AirPort edition so the likelihood of the technology making it to the iPhone 6 is very high this year.

Indestructible and waterproof

The next iPhone is said to be housed in a Liquidmetal casing that will be coated in thin sapphire film. If true, the materials will make the iPhone 6 nearly unbreakable and its shell remain good as new throughout its lifecycle.

To complement these incredible features, Apple could follow the leads of Sony and Samsung respectively with their latest Xperia and Galaxy flagships that hit the market this year with liquid and dust-repellent capabilities.

The iPhone 6 promises to be the most robust model to come out with its hard to crack case that is waterproof at the same time.

Android-like iOS 8 features

To power the iPhone 6 is iOS 8 that reportedly will be unveiled via the 2014 WWDC in June. One key wish among Apple fans is more personalisation options in the platform as well as the introduction of mobile widgets. These two features are the envy of iPhone users for the longest time.

Siri reborn?

Apple definitely impressed when Siri was first outed but since then, the competition rapidly caught up. Radical improvements for the iOS personal digital assistant should be forthcoming come the tech giant's uncaging of iOS 8 with the iPhone 6.

Remaking Siri is the best way for Apple to fend off the increasing threats posed by Google Now and Cortana from Microsoft, experts said.

Superior battery

Bigger and longer-lasting battery is only expected of the iPhone 6 if indeed the device in both models will sport bigger screens plus the galore of power-hog killer features. Aside from upping the battery rating, Apple is likely to implement key engineering modifications to make the next iPhone more energy-efficient.

Wireless charging

As a bonus that is stuffed with longer battery life, the iPhone 6 is likely packed with wireless charging chips - a welcome feature that all the more suits its non-removable back cover. Google and other Android player are well ahead of Apple in this race and it might be that finally, the iPhone maker will sprint out from the starting line.

These killer features will be getting their confirmation come the iPhone 6 release date this 2014 - which for the 4.7-inch model is reportedly set between August and September while the jumbo 5.5-inch build is tipped to come out in fourth quarter of the same year.

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