10 Obama Memes, 3 Parodies to Mark U.S. President’s 2nd Term Inaugural

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Like his first term inauguration rite in 2009, the Monday public oath of office swearing ceremony by U.S. President Barack Obama attracted hundreds of thousands of Americans.

The second-termer president declared the end to a decade of war, a recovery of the U.S. economy and limitless possibilities for America. He also demanded equality for gays, action on climate change and reform of immigration laws.

A private swearing-in ceremony was held on Sunday before Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts. The public event was timed with the Martin Luther King Jr. public holiday at a Washington mall that covered from the Congress building to the Abraham Lincoln memorial.

The timing and location of the second-term inaugural rite was not lost on meme makers.

Mr Obama's second term comes just on the heels of an averted fiscal crisis which requires a tough balancing act for the president.

As well as violence that sparked debates on more gun control

This meme comments on the minority status of the president's political party

And a presidential hopeful whose dream was dashed by voters in 2009

Being a public holiday, many Americans saw it as an opportunity to celebrate

And poke fun at the inauguration in these three parodies

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