10 'Nice To Have' Boeing Black Phone Cool Features

By @judithaparri on

Boeing Black smartphone highlights cybersecurity on governments. It has been reported that countries like the U.S. and other governments such as China conduct espionage activities on corporate and government networks to collect strategic information.

With the ongoing cyber-war, the nation with the strongest tools might be ahead in conflict if it could make the soundest decision from the information at hand.

Looking closely, the Black is an interesting and undoubtedly useful intelligence device. From what have been exposed to about Black is not complete, it has valuable specs that any person would want to have on his handset:

1.      Android-based

Android has been blown with security issues as analysts and researchers said it is a target destination for hackers as it is easy to infiltrate. But Boeing trusts Android and uses it as Black's OS for as long it is heavily modified. It is still Google's platform though.

2.      Built With security

Black has an amazing set of security features literally laid in layers. Its maker claims it has hardware encryption, OS policy controls and other security attributes. Also, it is compatible with other device management systems.

3.      Design

Boeing Black may look like it is a thick (13.25 mm) low-end device, but it actually has respectable specifications. It is packed with a 4.3-inch qHD display and powered by a processor that's 1.2 GHz ARM Cortex-A9.

4.      Modularity

It has been known that the Black has a modular design as it can be expanded through expansion ports to house various mission needs. It has built-in sensors and can accommodate more sensors.

5.      Non-serviceable, Non-replaceable

When having hardware issues, there is no way the Black phone can be fixed. Its hardware cannot be fixed in any way since it comes with a "spy" feature that wows spy movie fanatics.

6.      Satellite Connectivity

It is not surprising to know that Black can connect to satellites. Although this feature is not detailed, Black seems to possess enhancements to have satellite connectivity, which is important in intelligence and military operations.

7.      Select Market

Boeing Black has a select market. It cannot be bought or owned by anybody. It will leave the public wishing to own the handset, with all the current security issues spreading around smartphone users. The more it cannot be owned, the more it becomes attractive. Black is designed especially for government employees, not for consumers. It leaves the public's wish that future enhancements in other smartphones will have the cool features of Black; if not from Boeing itself, from any phonemaker with similar ideas.

8.      Self-destruction Capability

The coolest among Black's features is its capability to destroy itself, if it detects any tamper attempt. It will not blow up, but will disable hardware, software and data. If one attempts to change its functionality or tries to open the device, the handset will then turn into an inoperable device.

9.      Supports Any Network

The U.S. government has cellular networks of its own, not the commercial carriers for mobiles. Boeing Black supports both government and commercial networks, and can be seamlessly switched from one to another, as needed. Though Boeing did not specify which commercial network, chances are, all of them.

10.  Tamperproof

Government regulations brought the Black phone to FCC for clearance. It is through such appearance that the public have known that it is totally tamperproof. The FCC filing said the device is sealed with screws and epoxy. The heads of the screws are covered with tamperproof item to identify any attempt of disassembly.

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