10 Exclusive Apps and Services May Be Ported to Microsoft's Rumoured Android Lumia Smartphone

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Android-powered Lumia smartphone is a new tip from @evleaks claiming that it will be manufactured by Microsoft and Nokia. In case it is true, here are ten possible Lumia and Windows-based services which may be imported to an Android Lumia smartphone.

Android Powered Lumia Smartphone

Nokia already produced Android smartphones under the X Series which features a modified Android version using Nokia X platform. But a new leak from popular tipster @evleaks revealed that Microsoft may have some plans to release a Lumia smartphone running Android OS.

According to @evleaks tweet, something big is coming out from Microsoft and Nokia very soon regarding an Android-powered Lumia.

But @evleaks did not reveal any details yet regarding the rumoured Lumia device such as camera capabilities, Android version, processor type and release date.

Rumours suggest that Microsoft may use Android platform to solidify grounds on mobile apps by allowing the open-source platform on using MS Office apps and OneDrive cloud storage through a new set of device series which is now available on iOS.

Android Lumia vs. Nokia X

Windows-based Lumia smartphones are not threatened with Nokia X devices since these Android handsets only feature mid-range hardware components rather than top-class like with most Lumia devices.

Having an Android-based Lumia smartphone may put a game-change on Microsoft and Nokia in the mobile smartphone arena.

1. Allows import of the PureView camera technology from Windows Lumia.

2. Allows usage of several Microsoft exclusive apps such as Bing, Office, Skype and OneDrive for free.

3. Possible Xbox gaming integration which has been applied on Windows 8 devices.

4. Android's open-source and flexible platform may allow Microsoft to unify both Android and Windows running Lumia devices.

5. Usage of several Nokia exclusives including ClearBlack technology and Sunlight Readability Enhancement.

6. Navigation apps may be chosen between Google Maps and HERE maps by Nokia.

7. Sideloading of Android applications is possible based on Nokia X smartphones.

8. If yes on sideloading, Android Lumia devices may not feature Google Play Services which reduces bloatware.

9. Virtual assistance query and service may be Cortana instead of Google Now if Google Play is not present.

10. Imports of several Windows Phone 8.1 features may become possible such as the new keyboard, photo apps and Sense services.

If @evleaks claims the truth regarding an upcoming Android-based Lumia, Android users can now view Nokia as an alternative to other popular Android devices such as Galaxy and Xperia.

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