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Sydney Siege Aftermath: Australia's Gun Laws May Be Under Review

Gun laws in Australia may be under review following the deadly Sydney siege with 3 people dead including 2 hostages.

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Dengue Patient

From Health

New Class of Antibodies for Dengue Vaccine Development

A new class of antibodies may be used to design a vaccine for all four dengue serotypes.

Britain's Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh walk at Broadlands in Romsey, southern England in this undated photograph taken in 2007.

From Entertainment

Bookmaker Suspends Bets on Queen Elizabeth II Christmas Day Abdication Announcement

Bookmaker Coral has suspended the unusually high bets on Queen Elizabeth II's announcement of her abdication on Christmas Day.

Members of the Australian Muslim community place floral tributes amongst thousands of others near the Lindt cafe

From Society

Australian Muslim Says Sorry for Sydney Siege

Reddit user adorkable95 felt compelled to say sorry for the Sydney siege on behalf of his fellow Muslims in Australia.

From Science

The Tale Of A 4,000-Year-Old Man And His Dagger

Nearly four thousand years after his death, an ancient British warrior's tale is now told to the world.

Fidel Castro smokes a cigar during interviews with the press in Havana

From Politics & Policy

US Restores Diplomatic Relations With Cuba After 50 Years

U.S. President Barack Obama is expected to announce some of the major changes in U.S. policies toward the communist nation.

Police officers position themselves at a corner near Lindt cafe in Martin Place, where hostages are being held, in central Sydney

From Society

Sydney Siege Hero Tori Johnson Shot by Hostage-Taker Man Haron Monis at Close Range – Report

Sources said Sydney Siege victim Tori Johnson was reportedly shot at close range by Man Haron Monis.

Pakistan's PM Sharif speaks with the media during a new conference in New Delhi

From Society

Pakistan School Massacre Sparks Global Outrage; Taliban Hunt Begins With Massive Airstrikes

The world was stunned by the deaths of 132 school children who were massacred by Taliban in Pakistan.

The Soyuz TMA-15M spacecraft carrying the International Space Station crew of Anton Shkaplerov of Russia, Terry Virts of the U.S. and Samantha Cristoforetti of Italy blasts off from the launch pad at the Baikonur cosmodrome November 24, 2014.

From Tech

Russia To Put Up Its Own Space Station Rivaling The International Space Station

The Russian state space agency Roscosmos has considered the idea of building its own space station.

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Australia's Foreign Minister Julie Bishop walks with her Iraqi counterpart Ibrahim al-Jaafari (not in picture) in Baghdad October 18, 2014. Bishop arrived in Baghdad for talks with Iraqi officials on Australia's role in the fight against Islamic State.From Politics & Policy

Unlikely For Julie Bishop To Be 2nd Female PM Of Australia

The sudden slump in Prime Minister Tony Abbott's popularity had more than half off Australians polled believe that he does not stand a chance of keeping his post as head of state in the 2016 election.

Cast member Maisie Williams arrives for the season four premiere of the HBO series "Game of Thrones"From Entertainment

Maisie Williams ‘Impatient’ With Emma Watsons’ ‘First-World Feminism’; Talks About Arya’s Fate in ‘Game of Thrones’

"Game of Thones" star Maisie Wiliams is apparently "impatient" with Emma Watson's "first-world feminism." She also talked about Arya's fate in the show.

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